Some days I wake up thinking I may do well with a mentor, possibly someone in her 40’s or 50’s that has conquered her chosen line of work and is doing it big. Then i recognise that maybe i will be judgemental and looking for perfection in the said woman and I may be able to see her short comings maybe in her personal life, marriage, how she has raised her kids etc.

Then on another note am I too old to be mentored? Or should i just seek to make older friends who are willing to share their experiences candidly? Should mentoring be exclusive to younger people? Do I relly need a mentor?

I know the things I want to do as I have already had my purpose knocked into my brain..i have avoided many things for years and they keep resurfacing. I dont believe we have one purpose in life, we have multiple. I have spoken to God severally on my purposes and he has not removed any from my mind and neither have I been presented with any significant doubts as to following them.

Sometimes I also think i should probably go out and speak to younger females from age 14 to maybe 23, but I ask myself what do I have to tell them? I also think if I had been told certain things, I might have made some slightly different decisions. I had mentors when i was in my early 20s, some were helpful – some others made me feel underaccomplished and some simply left me confused. One is particular never thought any of my ideas were stupid…lol. Even when i thought they were whimsical at husband has this same trait, so afer I married my husband i sort of drifted away from this particular mentor…

I keep asking myself do I need a mentor, the resounding answer becomes not really- i know the things i should be doing, do I always do them? Absolutely not. I don’t really need a mentor, in my mind I need funding. Lol. Should I be mentoring younger women? I am not exactly the epitome of a well behaved human being, I do what feels right to me at most given times.

Are you young and do you have a mentor? If not are you interested in mentoring or being mentored why? Is our culture truly open to mentoring or being mentored?




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  1. I think I need mentorship, will you be my mentor


  2. I will gladly take you as a mentor thou


  3. Hahaha, omode ni mi oo (I am a small girl). Anyways I am actually serious ooooo


  4. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. I’ve come to a reasonable conclusion that I need to be mentored. But we just have to be careful (for those who want mentors) to make sure such mentors live out what they say.


    • Tumi thats the thing, can they live it out? I had a boss who thought she wss my mentor. And not in a negative way, but when i found out her husband was beating her, and she was always yelling i was like hell no. And not bragging but i had done more with my life than she had…i was like hmm kay…


    • I agree with the both of you, sometimes i feel i need to be mentored, but i worry that i might place too much expectations on a person. i think it might be safe to have different mentors for different aspects of mylife, e.g one for career, another for marriage.
      As for mentoring people, i don’t think i qualify yet.


  5. And not bragging but i had done more with my life than she had…i was like hmm kay…

    Well that right there is a brag.
    I feel no one should be old enough to learn and as such since you asked, I’ll tell you, you do need a mentor.

    Problem is we see these mentors as super humans truth is, what they lack in one area of their lives they have in abundance in other areas say their careers.

    I will say focus on what you need to be mentored on, since no one is perfect we do need several mentors in our lives.

    Careeer- wise, spiritually etc
    I am your mate OAD and with as much experience but find that a lot of murky waters need to be navigated- which no one could navigate alone. As a result I’m constantly seeking to learn from much experienced people. So I can relate with you!

    You think you don’t have anything to teach the youngins? You’ll be surprised at the wealth of knowledge that could be got from your past experience.

    My mantra is give and it shall be given unto you in good measure.
    Please look for at least one young lady that you could mentor no matter how. All the best

    Wheeeeew – longest comment I’ve ever had to write on a blog.
    My 2 kobo


    • Brown i meant that in a despite her being my boss and attempting to mentor me oh. I have recently met an old man whose feet i want to sit at though, so professionally I might have found a mentor..


  6. // July 4, 2015 at 10:03 // Reply

    “Or should i just seek to make older friends who are willing to share their experiences candidly?”- this is what works for me.

    That said, when choosing a mentor shouldnt it be for a particular purpose? So, if this purpose is your career then I don’t think the mentor’s personal life should even be a factor. If the purpose is your spiritual growth and/or inspiration then yes, it should. My point is, you can have different mentors for different purposes. Just be clear what you want out of them and don’t have unrealistic expectations or place them on mountain-high pedestals. They’re not super-human.

    OAD you don’t need to be a saint to be a mentor. So many young women look up to you, that should tell you something. You said you believe in multiple purposes. Maybe this is yet another one?


  7. I’ve been seeking a mentor for a few years now it is very important, I’ve achieved a lot and near reached the peak of my current career track and that’s precisely why I’m seeking mentoring i.e to open up a new level f thinking etc…life is too long to have peaked in y 30s . and if you don’t have one in real life pick a role model buy their biography see how they patterned their life .

    The mistake in yrou thinking though is that you feel one person has to be it all ? You can pick a mentor to show you or be a model in a particular aspect of your life. E.g Career / work mentor doesn’t have to be your mentor in other areas such as fashion or marriage etc

    No body is perfect ….so that lady being beaten by her husband may sill have been able to teach you something about work.

    Mentorship is so important …just 10 minutes speaking to the right person when I was 24 years old shaped the rest of my career path and helped me to seek out the right opportunities. That’s why so many people pay so much for a few minutes with the right person / a role model

    Please google Ted Weschler . He was a multi millionaire ..who already had it all. Yet he bid $2.5 million at a charity auction to spend 1 hour lunch with Warren buffett. He did this twice in a 5 year period and spent over $5m for the benefit of rubbing minds with someone he admired and respected .

    Now I wouldn’t want t model my whole life after Buffett …I mean not at all cos if I get $1m I will upgrade my house and car LOL but you can see what I mean any way about seeking out a mentor for different things / aspects in your life and the value you should place on finding the right guide.


  8. Seriously I should have read what thelmathinks before writing my own epistle …she hit the nail on the head

    And just to add to her comment don’t turn don opportunities to mentor and help others. When we all leave thsi earth that’s all that matters many lives you touched …that’s you legacy


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