Who exactly is a woman? What defines a woman? I was asked this question at a dinner table. While I dont think of myself as being anywhere close to a genius, i felt my response was grossly inadequate…

I described the qualities of a woman as her body form – the obvious, and her emotions. I didn’t consider childbearing qualities either. I also began to think about whether nurture was part of emotions, but not all women are nurturing to say the least.

Caityln Jenner says she is a woman, is she? What defines a woman truly? Is it child bearing, our hips, our particularities? I stood confused as I was asked the question. All our experiences and struggles as women may be different and down to an individual thing. Is it possible I am mixing it all up? Do stretch marks make a woman, do hormones make a woman? Does nurture make a woman? Some women don’t have hips, some women can’t have children unassisted (reproductive/ fertilityaid/ ivf). Some women are born with male parts – i know of at least one person….she has three kids now – she had mild hermaphrodite symptoms. Some women are born without part of the female reproductive system.

So please I ask you outside of body form and emotions – what make a woman? I don’t speak on the whole real woman fake woman thing…a prostitute is a woman so is a female world bank president. So please who is a woman? What blanket characteristics make a woman? I am talking about woman as a collective- not individual traits.




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  1. Its safe to say I dont know cos apart from body and emotions I have no answer


  2. Spiritually a woman is the cornerstone and bedrock of the society.
    Reproduction cannot happen without us
    Neither could holistic Nurturing.
    I could go on and on but without a woman life as it is could very well cease to exist.


    • But we still need a product of the male to exist…and what about the women that cannot reproduce? I mean without assistance from science?


  3. Miss Pynk! This the third time o, this post must be published o. Anyways first time here and the first thing I saw was acer give away, ah! Aunty miss Pynk, ati le po ooo.
    Anyways back to the question, everything about a woman defines her, hormones, nurture, nature, shape, personality, everything one can think of that is embedded in the “woman specie”. Defining a woman isn’t just about the good, the super qualities etc, its also about the nastiest of qualities, why? Because the good compliments the bad and there is no such person that is all good. So it doesn’t matter if she’s an ashy and a blogger, or she’s figure 8 and a banker. Every of these qualities defines her and bad is not so negative when it comes to humans, it is relative.


  4. www.thelmathinks.com // June 30, 2015 at 19:54 // Reply

    A woman is anyone that was born with a vagina (regardless of the presence of male organs). And I’m going to stick to “born with a vagina”. Because some women don’t have breasts, some were born without wombs, some don’t menstruate, some aren’t nurturing, some dont possess any domestic skills, and yet they’re every inch “woman”.

    But since you asked about blanket characteristics then I would say all these things actually make a person a woman. Her sex organs, her warmth, her motherliness, the ability to birth a child and nurture it with her God-given mammaries (side eyes at Caitlyn, Laverne and co), her body which is naturally softer and rounder than a man’s (side eyes at Caitlyn and her LBD. side eyes. Smh. Rme.), her periods… Generally every trait, feature and function given to women by NATURE.

    I used NATURE deliberately. So for those that got their womanhood or womanliness on a surgical table or a bottle of pills (side eyes at Caitlyn & co), I don’t consider you women… Can I just add that I considered transgendered women women (Laverne Cox & co) before Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn?


  5. Thelma some females don’t have vagina, what makes a woman a woman is a big question oooo, let me contact google.


  6. I read this the other day and I really didn’t know how to define woman. Basically, a woman is an adult female human, a wife, a girlfriend, fiancé. But what makes a woman is another question all together and that’s the real defining factor of woman – the factor that makes a woman truly the stronger link, the bedrock of the family/society and all of those. To be a woman is more than just boobs and emotion definitely. In this day and age, you need brains, talents and potential too.


    • See Buki, i didn’t want to add the bedrock and other attributes, we have some female serial killers, child abusers etc. My thought process was basic in that what defines a woman- blanket definition.


  7. A woman is one with most or all body parts of the feminine gender.

    Since there are absence of some feminine or presence of masculine characteristics in some women.


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