What Do You Owe the World?

Happy New Week! As human beings, what do we owe the world? When I say the world, I mean other human beings? I mean this in terms of characters displayed, and attitudes towards everything and everyone else. What is appropriate?

One thing that always strikes me is no matter how much the religious ones say leave judgement for God, we are likely all judgemental of others in one way or another. I know God made me in his image, not like a duplicate- so while I would like to think He made me awesomely, I am not perfect.

I literally found myself yelling “CTFO” (its Ramadan i wont type it out) when i was watching a Vlog last week of the OAP-the one where her husband is having a baby by another, talking about “sometimes it is better to be alone”. This comes after a lot of relationship advice she had given in the past. And i thought to myself, it makes it hard to be sympathetic towards this lady who thinks she has a face to present to the world. Of course many insults followed from the public. People were of the opinion, she should have kept quiet or spoken about something else. I still don’t even know how she is coping, but I am a firm believer in breakdowns- its ok to have a break down, what’s not ok is choosing not to recover…my own opinion- of course opinions are like you know what- we all have them….

And what kept going through my head was, we don’t owe the world any explanation, appearances or such things. Living your own version of happy at any given time is essential – provided you are not knowingly violating the rights of others. No one with the exception of your maker deserves your truth, silence is not dishonesty. More often than not, silence may even bring you more judgement from others, but it may be the more solid approach, because it gives you time to work through yourself and then tell your story in your own way when you are ready.

If we stay true to our own version of happy, does the world love us back? What do we truly owe the world?




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  1. I don’t know about others, but as for me, I owe no one a thing. Not an explanation or anything else. At the same time, that does not warrant me to live a care free life. I think we just have to strike a balance. At times, people’s opinion will count while most times, it won’t. You need to be able to hold ur ground. If it’s gon work for you, then it’s fine, if it won’t, don’t try to please others by adopting it. You will end up getting hurt. I think that’s my opinion. Cheers!


  2. When I saw it posted on a blog I scream ‘will you give it a rest? The first one she published after the incident was ‘the show must go on’ which show? Your life’s show to the public? She really need to CTFD. Its ok to breakdown and people should stop saying she’s strong blah blah blah,you can be strong after letting the anger out. Don’t bottle it up cos if you do its going to lead to a major breakdown. She needs to be real to herself,you don’t owe the world anything but you owe yourself the right to be at peace.


    • she’s just going through a very difficult phase


      • Kay I am not discounting what she is going through…what I am asking is what ee owe the world in terms of the foot we put forward. If the similar happened to me, as much as i love his blog i would take time off and go have a breakdwon and then come back…my question is do we owe the world a brave face even if it is to our own detriment?


  3. Anonymous Aboki // June 29, 2015 at 06:55 // Reply

    Why were you throwing up gang signs on 3MB? Or were you acknowledging us; your fans, like them politicians?
    I still can’t find where to subscribe on this site – help???


  4. QuirkyMoi // June 29, 2015 at 09:19 // Reply

    “……More often than not, silence may even bring you more judgement from others, but it may be the more solid approach, because it gives you time to work through yourself…..”

    This part right here is truth! Sometimes it is hard to do but it is the best approach. Concerning the OAP lady I expected to but I guess she wants to show the world how strong she is. Still I pray she pulls through and comes out stronger.

    What do I owe the world? Nothing more than the fact that whatever I do,it doesn’t harm them in one way or the other….shikena


    • No matter how nice you are, or you think you are, you will still hurt someone. even if it is just one person. your way of life, no matter how good it is, cannot please everyone. It’s my opinion though, as always, but I’ve been there. At a point, you’d just give up and decide to live your life the way it is. I think we can only minimize the number of people that could get hurt.


  5. When I saw the post I thought back to one of the posts in here “decide what you’ll do when you have a cheating spouse”. Seems her decision is to leave.

    I want to feel sorry for her, but I just can’t. Feel it’s a show for her so I’ll take it as that.

    What do I owe the world? The best I can be


  6. Most times, silence is key. the only people i feel i owe an explanation to are those directly affected by my words or actions.

    Concerning the OAP, i wish she just kept quiet. i’m sick and tired of people saying shes a strong woman because she seems unaffected. its ok for her to be angry and cry, its not a sign of weakness, it just shows shes human. i pray shes able to grieve in the most suitable way for her and not confirm to the so called strong woman syndrome. this is my own opinion also, i might be wrong….


  7. you know for some reason I think the OAP is sending the message to her husband. Some times I think she wont have gone through all this drama and would have stayed with him if the news had not gotten out.


    • CC Everybody is saying that she would have stayed. What people forget about Lagos is that when you share your business there are many that know. Somehow i suspect she hasnt gotten what she bargained for in the marriage and needed to bounce, what do I know?


  8. I owe the world nothing but love as it so much depends on me. That’s what the Bible says and I’m trying to ensure I adhere to that. And that’s it. What’s private should remain private and that’s where I can say I owe no one any explanation. But as for the truth, I think we owe everyone the need to speak the truth, it really does set us free.


  9. So true. Just be happy. No one needs to know why. To thine own self, be true


  10. www.thelmathinks.com // June 29, 2015 at 21:08 // Reply

    She could have talked about anything else but she chose to talk about that so the only conclusion I have is that Toke cares more about the traffic (money) than anything else. Her choice. I can’t take her seriously though, what right do you have to give advise on such topic when the ONLY reason you “left” was because the baby mama and baby have become public. 10 years of being a side chic, she stayed. Being married and still a side chic, she stayed. Suddenly you want to advise others on when to leave? GTFOH! I was very sympathetic towards Toke, I probably still am. But the Vlogs and the constant overexposure are really getting my goat.


    • Thelma, Thelma…I appreciate your honesty. I believe many of us have come to the conclusion that she is fame centric…advise is something that himan beings find it hard not to give. So even sometimes we feel we have arrived, so we give advise….i always clarify whenever people solicit for my advise- based on my own personality and personal experience i give the little i think I know. Then again i dont take myself too seriously sooo….


  11. anonymous // June 30, 2015 at 01:53 // Reply

    I’m not exactly in love with this OAP – i find her mildly irritating, to be truthful – but has anyone considered that this could be her own way of coping – faking it to make it? Let’s flip the script just this once and instead of asking what you owe the world, let’s ask what the world owes you… the answer is nothing. You go out and get what you want. This is how she wants to be, let her be. There is no prescribed avenue for finding peace. Just find your peace. datsall.


    • Annonymous the what the world owes you is a different topic…I am still coming for that. Lol. I don’t believe in faking -its too much work abeg


  12. I understand that the “show must go on” but mehn, she needs a break from all these drama and pretense. She be human being na, she must feel something. She owes the world nothing but she owes herself a lot, she should just take a break.


  13. I guess faking it is her unique happy


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