I want to talk about entrepreneurship – my love hate relationship with it. Firstly let me explain what it is I do for a living – at the moment I run a business consulting outfit – primarily  targeted at Small to Medium Enterprises. It involves doing a lot of business plans, continuity plans, or even restructuring plans. Sometimes I also engage in the preparation of manuals across the organisation. I have had the opportunity to work with organisations ranging from some listed on the Nigerian Stock exchange to start-ups.

I sort of fell into what I do on accident. In that – I am an applied Math and Statistics Bachelors Degree holder, with an MBA (finance specialisation ) and a Masters in Enterprise Management -I am looking for how to do a Doctorate in Education right now lol.. Professionally I have worked in accounting (3 years), budgeting/ proposal writing (5 years), Ratings and economic Research (4 years), and investment banking  (6 months) across about seven or so countries. I am not old oh- forever young lomo! After the six month stint at the investment bank – i was sort of decided that corporate Nigeria wasn’t for me – and Nigerians don’t really know how to use graduates like me – we don’t  do derivatives or heavy quantitative analysis  per say – however Applied Mathematicians can fall in any where analysis is involved.

I began getting calls for freelance work from some of my former corporate clients…sometimes people have more faith in you than you do in yourself. I opted not to look for a job and began writing the business plan for my early childhood center- i sat and took my time..in about 2 months i was able to do my research and benchmark rates etc. Alas thanks to CAC and a few other matters I am still at it (side eyes).

One job turned into two, two turned into referrals, which turned into other refferals (quality of work is important). Alas by September 2014 i had to register an entity, billing clients under my name- i was short changing myself. I was out of work from November 2014 to March 2015 (rightfully so, death in the family)…as soon as i got back to Lagos, the work began dripping in.

As of this week, my sleep has been very dynamic- putting it mildly,  I have thus far been a one man team and hope to engage a free-lancer soon. While I like the process of writing business plans, the creation of the financial statements is extremely time consuming – i have stayed up for 48 hours straight before building statements. I do great with income statements and cash flow projections, but that damn balance sheet….

I love entrepreneurship because i can wake up at 9am on some days and go to bed at 4am on some days. I can also make the decision not to actively work on days when my mind and mood aren’t right. Some days i just want to take a shower and get back in bed and sleep my life away. I work from home so I have that freedom. Other days i am glued at the table for 80% of the day, or days I have to wake up at 5am to go to Abuja to meet a client and come back. There are also some days where I have thought about refunding clients money when the work gets really annoying. Sometimes midway through the work it gets extremely frustrating, and I realise i underpriced the job…. to counter this i have started using the larger organisations as a benchmark.

It got so bad that on Tuesday morning someone sent me a BBM asking if I was awake..I actually responded “no” and sent the message. Lol. It was work related as you can guess.

And I have thought about it…for me, there is dignity in labor. I also like having money- my own money. Not necessarily to spend the money, but to remind myself I have it. I have always worked since I was 16, so i don’t know how to not work- this trait means i am unlikely to go hungry-ever so long as I have good health, but it also means I might not truly know how to enjoy life with reckless abandon. You know those people who do whatever the hell it is to have fun on a whim and aren’t worried about the consequences?  I dont quite know how to do that.

I have had one hell of a work week, hence my relative absence. It should get better before the week runs out. Even though I have work for the next two months at least- I promise to find that balance…I always ask God to bless the labor of my hands, and the work is just body slamming into me, maybe I should just ask him outright for free money? Would that make me an infidel or an ingrate?

Are you an entrepreneur? Or a salaried employee? Please share your struggles and victories as it concerns your career or line of work.

“No career path is a walk in the park, even successful armed robbery requires diligence”- Baba Pynk (My Father).




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  1. chukwukadibia // June 25, 2015 at 09:12 // Reply

    I studied accounting with a Cpm certification and Hse certificates right now i am a salaried employee,i am hoping to get a better job so I can study more and improve myself. I admire all that you have achieved for yourself .i hope in the next ten years,i would look back and be proud of myself,God willing.


    • Chukwukadia, sounds like you have it figured out. I am lazy about certificates…i went to graduate school more or less to stay out of trouble and society😂


  2. You are really an inspiration,when it comes to career and what you really want out of life. I think being an entrepreneur suits me better than salaried employee. I have had opportunity to work before going back for my post graduate and in between studying(I’m an Applied Geophysicist) I have done personal jobs for clients based on my field because I work mostly with software. Putting the two together I really prefer to be on my own,I’m flexible when it comes to working on my terms,but I still want to learn more by working in a company,you just can’t get enough by learning.


    • Kiki thanks. It sounds like you have your pah figured out. It takes many of us years to figure it out. I always wanted to own a school, but it yook me a while to convince myself that i was going in the right direction.


  3. I’m sorry I couldn’t get past all your degrees and work experiences…


    • Lolhla its only 3. I dont have any ACCA,cpppa, CFA or any of other qualifications oh. And i have only been working for 12 years or so post bachelors graduation. So its not soo much


  4. *jaw drops* your qualifications na die. Plus the number of countries. Somebody is impressed. Nigeria really can’t use your capabilities to their fullest. Please charge as deserved.

    I just received my free shoes thank youuuu! They’re perfect: so beautiful and comfortable too. I can’t wait to rock them


  5. Nigeria isnt ready for you with all those qualifications
    I think am more in to been a salaried employee…i dnt have a single entrepreneurial bone in me


  6. QuirkyMoi // June 27, 2015 at 01:41 // Reply

    Wow! Very impressive.

    Am still yet to decide what I really want or the career path to follow. It sometimes feels like the world is moving and am being left behind especially when friends are achieving feats. This I know will definitely change soonest.

    Presently still deep-thinking and looking up to God. But while keeping busy with other things and learning as many new things as I can.


  7. I’m usually in the mode of “God please give me. A phenomenal Idea that I can run with”

    Sometimes I wish I could just sing and rake in millions, lol.

    It’s not easy being a salaried worker. Too many demands, appraisals etc. however. I think being your own boss is even more challenging.


  8. Wow. Your amazing! You have so many education and work experience. May GOD continue to BLESS you.

    I have a 3 year advanced diploma in business admin- Human resources and am now finishing my degree in human resources management. I want to hopefully own my own business one day but my path is unclear. I like helping people and am still on that shy side. I don’t have much work experience in the business sector so I am not able to get a part time job even close to my field. Life is so frustrating and I feel like I should give up, but I’ve worked so hard to get to where I am today with the help of GOD. Please pray for me.


  9. Hey I know some one who may be able to help you when you are ready to take a freelancer. She is a ACCA student ad relative who has done a bit of work for my business as a book keeper …reconciliations , balance sheets etc . I’ve used my email addie for this comment so do drop a line if of interest and I’ll let you have her details for when you are ready. (Ps she does have a full time 9-5…but on look out extras and helps small businesses with their accounts)


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