Winners Wednesday -17 June to 07 July 2015

The winner of the last giveaway (green shoes) is Sandra. Please check your email and respond.

In honor of my “21st” birthday on the 20th and the 2nd anniversary of this website on the 28th of this month, Win an Acer Aspire V5 Touch screen laptop over the next three weeks. I am technically not picking the winner, the winner is picking themself.


The rules are simple

1. Tell us your favourite post (topic included) on this website and why. All entries must be made on this post.

2. Get the highest number of votes on your comment. The like tag 👍is under your comment. So rally your people to vote to help you win.

The giveaway lasts for three weeks to give everyone time to organise themselves and lobby for votes on their comment.

Please note the winner must be able to pick up the laptop in Victoria Island, Ikoyi or Onikan- your picture will be taken and posted on the site. The giveaway is open from 17 June 2015 to 07 July 2015 midnight.

On another note, if you dont win this time, there is always a next time…wink wink. Goodluck and may the awesomest community member win…

Our previous winners are here and here



41 Comments on Winners Wednesday -17 June to 07 July 2015

  1. Wow! Congrats to sandra. As I’m not in lagos lemme kuku not compete 🙁


  2. Christian Best // June 17, 2015 at 12:10 // Reply

    My favorite Post on Pynk360 is -‘How Much Money Should a Man Have Before He Gets Married?’
    Link >>

    It was an interesting question that got Me thinking very deep about my situation… Lol
    The comments were interesting also. I learnt a lot and I really enjoyed everything there. :

    Click Like, Thanks 😀


  3. Wow,this giveaway is lovely. Tempted to participate 🙂 My favourite topic on this blog is
    When I made a comment on that topic,I had to go back to reevaluate on some business decision I made earlier. It actually spun me back to reality on that issue. I went for an interview recently and that question ‘what are you worth’ just kept ringing in my head.


    • i voted for u because i see u commenting all the time..hope u win!


    • Hi Kiki, it might have been a wordpress issue. I just checked using multiple devices and it seems to work. I know it wont count multiple votes from the same device for one comment though.


    • I know you going to win because you got a lot of friends and nice topics keep it up, you have my vote and my friends vote.


  4. I really want to participate but I can’t follow you on Instagram because am not a member, can I still participate?


    • Hi Chioma unfortunately i cant change the rules after posting. Please try and sign up for instagram if you are interested in this one.


  5. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now, I doubt I have a favourite post. I love the way you pen your views about life and I can relate to them. Choosing one woud not do any justice. 🙂 even though I want to win. + I’m not on instagram. 🙂


    • HBD in advance. May you keep growing ‘younger’ gracefully ;).

      May the blog continue to grow big. Into something you never imagined. I always smile when I see the comments increasing.


      • Amen oh. Enjay i have already posted the rules oh. Cant change them now. I am trying new methods for giveaways, maybe i will do a raffle for the next one sha.


      • Enjay I have changed the rules. Oh i have taken down the social media requirements. please feel free to enter.


  6. I don’t think i have a favourite post, most of the topics are really engaging and relatable.

    The give away is so cool, unfortunately for me I don’t qualify on all grounds. May God bless you as you have decided to be a blessing to others.


  7. chukwukadibia // June 17, 2015 at 20:22 // Reply

    I too cannot pick a favourite post as I love to read all your post,your depth,wisdom and insight makes me wish I had you as an elder sister,to think that my laptop just packed up. the sad part is I am outside lagos,benin people like us…lol Good luck to the lasgidis peoples


  8. Ikoya adewale // June 17, 2015 at 21:25 // Reply

    My best post so far would be “tattooing of private parts?” and that’s because the post and comments enlightened me about the HIV/AIDS virus


    • Popoola Adekunle // July 8, 2015 at 00:18 // Reply

      Couldn’t take my eyes away from this competition since I discovered this Awesome blog 2weeks ago… Congratulations @ikoya u really fought for it even till the deadline… (just incase we wake up to new figures – @ikoya- 9.3k, @temiloluwa – 7.48k , @kiki- 4.21k )


  9. Yayyyyy! So happy to have won the shoes. And now I’m gutted I didn’t wait for this one but I will not be greedy (sob). I’ll keep saving for a new laptop


    • You can still enter for the laptop. The only people ineligible are those that have won a laptop or tablet in the past wont be considered. So please knock yourself out


  10. Wow.!!! Fantastic ..just getting to know about this blog….I’ll give it my best shot the next time. …..thumbs up. .guys @ ikoya and kiki….going through those write up now in my office. ..let me just sit back to enjoy. .ama put forward my comment afterwards. ..For now…reserved!!!!!!!!!


  11. Got introduced to this blog when someone I know well entered a giveaway contest. I’m glad I have the chance to win now too 😀

    My best post on this website has to be “Which Would You Rather Have…” ( It exposed me to more things and even confirmed my arguments with my pals about the whole wedding issue.


  12. “which would you rather have” was my favourite as I got to see what people prefer btw the wedding and the honey money. As for me o I love the dream honey money. the person are Just too much.


  13. Ok, so my favorite post on this blog is in my head but I can’t seem to find it, the one with your personal experiences from when you finished school till date.
    So am going for the next “Patience”, what I really loved about this post that it showed a glimpse of your experience in the Middle East and also talked about the perseverance and patience of your friend to achieve a goal even after many years. That really taught me something.
    Let me start my campaign from here, please guys like my comment, thanks :D, have a great weekend.


  14. Miss pynk the like button isn’t clicking


    • Hi Chioma i have checked and it seems to be working for me. It wont let you like he same comment from the same device though. Please try again


  15. Kiki


  16. I would have loved to keep a low profile but this giveaway is tempting. Well, my favorite post at the moment is “What Have You Done With Your Life?”

    It got me thinking of how i could have helped others, but i turned them down cos it would cost me. The post has opened my eyes to things that needs to be done. It has motivated me already and am seriously working on them.


    • when I think my favourite post on this blog is loyalty

      no matter what.. being loyal really pays alot


    • Really Temi???? From less than 20 likes to over a thousand n less than 24hrs? Mehn this is gangster! Haba. Lip sealed.


  17. My favourite post on this website is this particular post: Winners Wednesday – 17 June to 30 June. Yes! And I mean it.


  18. well, I think my favourite post on this blog is loyalty

    no matter what.. being loyal really pays alot


  19. my favourite post on this blog will be loyalty
    loyalty is what you do not what you say


  20. @ife, I totally agree with you on this. I never knew I wasn’t the only one that noticed it. I have been following this game since it started
    @temi, 1k likes in less than 24hrs
    @ikoya,same too smile
    @kiki, your likes have been abit Consistent.
    Let the best Person win,ciao


  21. Lol.. Y’all should just give up aiidy, Ikoya has got this one! Congrats bro.


  22. been following this giveaway quietly, thumbs up to @ikoya.. You deserve to win


  23. olayinka akintoye // July 8, 2015 at 11:56 // Reply

    I like your today’s post about gossips I feel this make us have one thing in common learning to ignore gossips and not involving oneself in it thou not above it


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