So by now if you live in Nigeria,  you have witnessed the Saga- or the sly moves of a recently Installed senate President for the 8th National Assembly of Nigeria. I was going to keep quite on the matter, but something struck me as amusing. I am sure you would be wondering what…

So this same senate President came from PDP to join APC. When he did that, no one was worried were they? So why would you think anyone joining your party for self interests has changed and put the said needs of the party above his or hers? The first reason they aligned with you was because of self interest, why would you expect any different? Oh some party power brokers thought they were divinely enthroned and he would serve party interests before serving his? Before i even forget, isn’t this the same man that went up against his own father publicly when his father opted to support his sister a few years back?

Loyalty is a scarce commodity in the world we live in, and even scarcer in climes like Nigeria where even the rich as still driven by hunger. People flipflop like they are changing underwear, and that’s where you expect loyalty?  Anybody that can publicly switch from an alliance that at one time favoured them cannot pledge undying allegiance to you unless it favours them.

This is a life lesson for us as young human beings. People are allowed to change their minds on alliances – fair and square, but keep at arms length those who do not exemplify any set of principles outside of self interest. Also be observant of the alliances you bring into your personal life before they use you to play chess and you would have lost everything at that point. Be wary of people who stand for nothing but themselves, the more willing they are to cut others down to attain success, the more likely they will be ready to kill you to attain it. You my dear will not be special to the same person, you are just another means to an end.

Congratulations to APC on the beginning of Chaos within their party. I said it initially that APC was the lesser of two evils, but they have imbibed fully the PDP Amala Politics and even gone further. Lets see how much control the party kings have on President  Buhari, because thats the tell tale sign of the governance we will have over the next 4 years.

Please share your thoughts on betrayal…on that note I am signing out singing Chris Brown’s “these hoes aint loyal”

Winners Wednesday is still Here. Today is the last day…


Image Credits: Dr. Saraki’s website


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  1. Most people will always make their decisions on what favours them, regardless of how others might feel. Like I always say, try to discern by checking out motives. It’s what governs people’s actions.


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    • Enjay i agree, but what confused me was APC kingmakers thinking they had the entire show under control, especially with people who have displayed certain traits publicly in the past.


  2. It is human nature for people to think of themselves first. however the decision you finally make shows the kind of person you truly are.
    I wasn’t to surprised when i heard the Saraki saga, lets just take a look at his history, that man is too ambitious for his own good and he will do anything for it. who remembers society general bank.
    I hope we can all learn a thing or two from this drama, many people like this exist in our everyday lives. the bible advises us to be as serpents, i guess it relates to dealing with people like him.


  3. Miss pynk please expect more shocker from the president to thr party kings in the next four years,the guy said it on inauguration day na,he said and I quote ‘I belong to everybody,I belong to nobody’ so basically he’s going to dictate the tone on what he wants. Every human is selfish,we Just have limits. They didnot expect that move from the new senate president,but c’mon the guy knows what he is looking for and the only way to get is to join forces with the ones who clearly has a say in Nigeria politics at the moment. The next four years is so going to be about who is in charge,I just hope someone is sane enough to do the needful about our economy and not listen to the ones that put him there. I’m sure he will learn from his predecessor. Loyalty comes from the heart,you don’t buy it,you either learn or earn it.


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