How Would You Resign?

I always worry for corporate Nigeria, because of the load of thuggery that tends to happen given business ownership structures. Many work place environments are hostile and abusive and generally, Nigerians seem to always be looking for the next best opportunity and how to move on. With the exception of those working in multinationals  (Lebanese owned businesses are possibly worse than the Nigerian owned ones) many workers always seem to be looking for new jobs.

So how do you resign? Why are you resigning? What do you tell your employer who believes they are your lord and saviour who rescued you from a life of poverty even though they literally poached you from another organisation? A case whereby you tender your resignation and a company MD refuses to accept the resignation? Its only in Nigeria i have heard of people rejecting resignations.

The MD finds out you are moving on to a competitor and goes on to call the competition undignified names – “incompetent fools” were the exact words. As far as the said boss is concerned he has given you a job, however he has never acknowledged the contributions you made to the start up or the fact that your efforts generated him profits which he is now enjoying. He even brought in people to manage you, and had to sack them after he realised they were incompetent. Obviously he thought you good enough to set up operations, but not good enough to be the public face of the brand.

The scenario above is a true story and my thoughts are as follows:

1. Nigerian employers believe they have done you a favour by employing you- false! Its a mutually beneficial arrangement, at least it should be.
2. You owe no one anything with the exception of what you have agreed to in your employment contract.
3. You have a right to move forward with your life in whatever fashion you choose.
4. Any employer that decides to offer you a better package as you resign never valued you to begin with.
5. Never let an employer convince you that you can’t suceed elsewhere, the absolute worse is you will fail for a short period, but you will rise if you are determined to suceed.

Nigerian employers are generally not good at creating incentives. If someone is creating profit for you, you should be willing to offer them certain perks in addition to their standard package. There are ways to keep employees comfortable to the point that when approached by another organisation they refuse to even discuss the offer as they know they can’t get better elsewhere. 

Life is basic, we align our loyalties with whoever or whatever is offering us the best opportunities and highest level of comfort (chalk that up to human nature). If you are making money off someone, make sure you are also making them very comfortable in the process. They shouldn’t feel disposable, because the moment they do – they will leave you.

I have resigned from 3 jobs in my entire life. One of them I gave the barest minimum  acceptable time to exit through the doors as I couldn’t wait to get out (your guess is good, it was my first job in Nigeria). The other two i actually discussed with my bosses to see when they would be able to find my replacement and how much time they wanted me to train them for. One of the jobs i stayed on for 2 months after my declaration to resign, and my contract was at will, I could have walked away the same day i resigned technically,  but my boss was amazing and oh o i forgot it was with a multinational in the Middle East and my life was super comfortable thanks to the organisation.

How have you resigned from previous jobs? Or are you in the process of trying to do so now? What are your observations or reasons?

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  1. DH works in oil and gas, with the way oil prices are going down we all know now is not a really good time to be in oil and gas. One month, his boss woke up and decided to cut their salaries by 50°/○ as opposed to letting some people go. In his mind he was being very magnanimous but it would interest you to know he was busy buying houses in the US and custom made cars for his kids… luckily for us, DH got a better offer with a multinational same month, when he tendered his resignation, the md was beyond stunned he started begging and offered to not only pay him in full but to also increase his salary by 50°/○ lols. After listening to him patiently he simply said thank you but my mind is made up.



  2. Wow Lohla, thats wild. I never understand the outright opulent spending by the owners of companies, and then they turn around and cut someone else’s paycheck. Why not just lay the person off instead of assuming you are doing them a favour by keeping them employed and paying them half to do the same amount of work. I am glad your husband found a far better opportunity. The guy had some nerve trying to convince him to stay.


  3. I sent an email to my old boss while on vacation (at someone’s oct wedding ) to give her a heads up that I’ll be putting in my 2 weeks the Monday I got back in. Let’s just say she didn’t speak to me for the 1st 2 days I was back in the office. And on my last day of work, she cried her eyes out.

    Now been on this new job for about 6 months. Worst time to switch to the oil and gas sector. And considering where I came from, this new company is shittty shit. So back on the job search. 2 weeks is all this place will get out of me.


  4. Its not a formal job as I got employed to work as a bookstore keep. Basically, I was to take care of the shop, selling books and keeping good records of the sales and stock. It got to a time where my job descriiption changed drastically and I had to be the errand-runner. It got so bad that I tendered my resignation and my then boss told me I needed to give them at least a month’s notice. I didn’t sign anything like that earlier but continued for a month out of courtesy. A month later, she was still trying to hold me down. Took a lot of mental energy from myself to leave, and I’ve never felt sorry for it.
    Its true. They think you’re doing them a favour. No. You’re doing them a favour by turning their resources into profits.


    • Ha, from store keeper to errand runner? People should fear the God they claim to serve. One month what? She is lucky you didnt walk out as soon as you got your paycheck and honored her with the month’s notice.


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