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So you have been towing a path that you believe in, but it has not been manifesting? Everything has been going wrong but in your heart of hearts, you know thats the path you are supposed to be on as that’s the only thing that excites you?

Many times we head out on paths and we aren’t  quite sure where they are leading, but we are certain of the destination we want to get to. Many times it is also a conviction that turns passion into madness. Yes i said it, madness is an extreme of passion, how do you explain doing that same thing over and over again? I am strongly starting to believe that to suceed it takes a certain level of madness – not insanity but a mental tilt towards that idea and pursuing it like your life depends on it. I am mad about Education from a profit and non-profit angle, and let me tell you, some of the set backs i have encountered,  normally would have made me give up. I have given up on lesser challenges.

This post was inspired by Ms. Rapoport who got her Phd 77 years after she wrote her thesis. This woman was stopped by the Nazis over 7 decades ago and still managed to get the degree at 102. It’s a lesson for us to think about the thoughts we entertain in our lives and the things that drive us on a daily basis. Are you inspired yet?

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9 Comments on You Need to Read This

  1. Wow at the age of 102 she just kept on going,so impressive
    i sure wont let anything get in my way
    Thanks miss pynk very lovely motivation to start the day


  2. I’m sooii inspired, I really needed this as a kind of reaffirmation. Been meaning to get on to something new that I know I’m passionate about, but the pessimist in me is seeing only obstacles right now. Another woman that inspires me is the person behind the mary kay brand, truly shows that whatever you desire from your heart, doesn’t matter when you start.


    • No Better time to start than now. Even me i feel like I am spinning, but I always keep going. I have been telling myself i would write a book, about what…I dont quite know yet, but I am going to write it and then worry after if anyone wants to read it.


  3. First to time here,lovely post,am inspired.


  4. Yay! I won!

    Thanks Ms Pynk. I am grateful.


  5. I am inspired. I just have to keep going at it…. At times it feels like one is knocking on a door thats never going to be opened. But i guess if i knock long and hard enough it will be opened or i’ll break it down. Thanks for this.


  6. People like this helps you believe that its never too late. Never too late for anything.


  7. I can totally relate with this post!


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