Say What?

Hmm this one is brand new and latest gist to me oh. People always manage to take and twist cultures. Who says it is by force to have a bridal train? If you dont have one does it make you less married? Why are people twisting matters?

I was jejely catching up on my blogs i read, thats how i saw a memo for bridesmaids asking to be paid. I know you are crossing your eyes, like wtf. Yes so apparently  people are renting bridesmaids for the day. This one was an alleged god son or adopted son of GEJ who had rented bridesmaids. The same way you would hire ushers for an event, you can hire or rather  employ bridesmaids for the day.

The excuse that was given for this particular couple was that all the brides friends were either married or too fat. My next question is who should be your bridesmaid? Shouldn’t you have a relationship of some sort with the people on your train? I mean in 10 years when the bride looks at her pictures, what is she thinking?  Have weddings simply become a show for others, that folks don’t  care who stands next to them when they are reciting their vows?

Personally i dont find bridesmaids a necessity, maybe because i grew up with only brothers, but i was perfectly capable of carrying my dress alone on my wedding day. My maid of Honor volunteered herself, and i accepted to keep the peace. To me coordinating the bridal train is more drama than it is worth. The only two people important to me were the priest and my husband.  All others i was grateful to have, but realised if they weren’t there we would have still gotten married.

Apparently there are even websites that service this industry. Wow. Marriage is about two people, not the bridal train, pictures or wedding  oh.

Please share your thoughts on the rented bridesmaid bruhaha .

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  1. This trend is definitely going under the file name “asheju baba asete”. Why anyone would want to hire strangers to stand next to them on a day that’s supposed to be your most special is weird to me. It seems everything and anything is increasingly becoming acceptable nowadays. Your bridesmaids/groomsmen should be your dearest and closest. People you can whisper to during the whole process, people who have shared a part of your life and are happy to see you tie the knot.


  2. That’s whwt


  3. That’s what the movie the wedding ringer is about


  4. I have no words…

    I know a lot of people who got married without a train ans nothing has happened to the marriage. What’s wrong with people?


  5. i read the story and was speechless. i dont see the need to hire bridesmaids, even if for any reason you decided to, why cant you use distant relatives or cousins friends, something like that sha. well different strokes for different folks.


  6. That was how my sister inlaw volunteered to help me get young pretty girls from church to be my bridesmaids… I couldn’t make sense of it, like why would I need people I don’t know around me on a day that’s basically for family and close friends? I don’t gerrit.


  7. Their reason for renting was that the brides friends were married and fat.

    Hian. The things I hear ehn. Fat enough to cry with you, support you, encourage you but not stand next to you on your most important day. Na wa oh. May the Lord revealing true friends from the fakes.


  8. This trend has been on for loonnngg! It’s just becoming increasingly popular.
    About 8tears ago or so, I was contacted by a total stranger’s aunt to be her chief brides maid/ maid of honour! Not even other bride’s maid in the train.
    I first thought it was a joke. Then ok, it’s not a joke. Then ‘Aunty’ is surely mixing up bridesmaid and maid of honour…turned out she wasn’t!
    First time I set my eyes on the Bride was the evening before her wedding, just before we were driven to the salon.
    I wasn’t paid though. But everything needed was taken care of.
    The reasons for this is beyond me when it comes to what should matter.


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