Do These People Have Children?

Once again the magicians over at the National Assembly have decided that sexual abuse against children 11 and under is a crime and is punishable by law. So wait what is a 12 year old? An adult? I don’t know of any 12 year old men or women, do you?

Sometimes the only way to put supidity or ignorance in context is for it to be applicable to those demonstrating it. Maybe if these people’s children aren’t  so well protected they wouldn’t be making such stupid laws despite their over bloated salaries. They earn so much only to turn around and feed us with garbage laws. So if their 12 year olds are put in the same situation will they feel the same way?

There needs to be a psychological exam for all candidates who choose to run for elected office. There is no benefit to marrying a 12 year old child, neither is there any merit to an uneducated female or male child. Nigeria as a country is so far behind the world it is despicable. The people who ought to protect the voiceless are the same ones violating them by passing laws that benefit only paedophiles. I dont care what your religion or culture says, a 12 year old is still a child. One that needs guidance and direction on how to become a productive adult, and not a sexual object. We need to make our voices loud enough so that these sick people stop representing us as a country.

Please share your reaction on when you heard about this new law. Keep in mind they passed 46 bills in 10 minutes. Awon Onirase.

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11 Comments on Do These People Have Children?

  1. If their kids are not soo protected they won’t come up with such bullshit but knowing it may never affect their children is what makes them have this non-challant attitude


    • Don’t mind them. Let an idiot come near my future 11 year old daughter and see if he won’t be dispatched to visit his ancestors.


  2. how can they even pass that number of bills in 10 minutes. the things you hear in this country can make you pull out your hair. most of these lawmakers are selfish. they dont care what happens to others, their families are well protected.

    i wish there was something we could do to cause a change in the way bills are passed carelessly in this country.


  3. I tire for this country,it’s crazy


  4. Don’t mind the silly frogs. I wish I could send thunder and lightening to visit the people that agreed to that. Nonsense lechers and pedophiles camouflaging as leaders. God will punish them specially.


  5. The painful thing is, one begins to wonder who even thought up these laws in the first place. A lot of processes need legislation and these so-called lawmakers would be deliberating on berating issues as this? Its beyond me.


  6. I think they put the minimum age at 11 years to benefit their Northern counterparts who find joy in marrying children as wives. Still, I find it appalling that in a country as educated as Nigeria, we simply can not value childhood and the need for the girl child to be protected.

    I hope soonest, the new assembly would repeal that law and also provide the requisite machinery to ensure that sexual criminals are given the maximum sentence.

    As to the ludicrous number of bills, Nigerian leaders never fail to disappoint me in their inordinate capacity for abysmal depths of foolishness.


    • What he said!

      In short, i am dumbfounded. 11years? They send their own children to live abroad and make laws that allow an old agbaya marry a 12year old.. awon oniranu gbogbo.

      We need stricter laws against incest and paedophilia in this country. The things i hear and read about these days ehn, God help us o


    • *inordinate capacity for abysmal depths of slothfulness


  7. // June 9, 2015 at 22:19 // Reply

    Honestly the first time I read it I thought I must have read wrong so I didn’t give it a second thought. Then people began to talk and I realized that I hadn’t read wrong after all. It’s almost unimaginable and I believe it was done for the benefit of their northern counterparts. I can only hope that it’ll be repealed. This country is a clear case of one step forward two steps back. Do those in power really care about the common man and their problems? Hell no! They’re a bunch of self serving crimininals, and the few with sincere intentions seem not to have a fighting chance against the multitude of money grabbing thieves.


  8. When I first read this, I also thought I read in haste and so misunderstood the content.
    But again, I see how shameless some of these law makers are/ can be. I’m even almost ashamed on their behalf!


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