Where Would You Put Your Money?

Last week, i was reading up on two different scenarios that involved significant amounts of money. The first is the the agreement of Creflo Dollar ministries to buy the pastor a $65 million dollar jet, he already has a private jet-its just old. The second is the donation of $400 million to Havard University by John Paulson a hedge fund manager. Both decisions have caused controversy this week and for me, only one of the issues is relevant. 

In my opinion, a pastor doesnt require a $65million jet. Not to do the work of God, there are private jet time shares if he is that pressed for time. Everyone knows if they need to travel at least 4 hours before the time. Net jets and co offer you jet rides without owning the jets and the associated costs. So Creflo and his army of scammers should please take a back seat, i find the whole thing  very disturbing,  people who are supposed to serve God and his people end up serving themselves. You can find the article here.

As for the endowment to Harvard, the guy must have his reasons. People want to argue that there are better causes that the money can go towards and i refute that by saying we need research, students need scholarships and professors need grants to be able to advance theories. I know i would give my undergraduate alma matter a boatload of money in endowment when i have it. I am praying that for my 50th birthday i can give them at least $1 million especially to the WISE (Women in science and Engineering) scholarship which i benefitted heavily from for 3 or so solid years. I know how much my scholarships meant to me and how grants helped my advisor when he was doing his own research.

Nigerian Universities generally lack endowments and thats one thing i am working on with a few others to drive change- i am not fully cognizant of the Nigerian Tertiary System as I am not a product of it, but i have had to train recent graduates and that came with its own challenges. Schools without endowments that rely on government funding only are not competitive from an academic standpoint and graduates they produce. Nigeria is a prime example of government funded public Universities with no endowments and a country lacking in global competitiveness. 

Please share your thoughts on both scenarios. Winners Wednesday is still on win something this week



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  1. true, scholarships are not so easy to come by in Nigeria especially for “average” individuals who have zeal to go to school except those from the Niger delta regions. As for the two scenarios painted above, my stance is its their money and should be spent whichever way they deem fit. I for one would love to benefit from a Harvard scholarship Amen.


  2. it is a no brainer for me, of course the endowment at Harvard University is my only choice. Don’t know the detailed circumstances of the jet acquisition by Creflo Dollar, but I must say that I’m increasingly very cautious and skeptical about the perceived ‘luxurious’ demands by some ‘Ministers of the gospel’ under the clout of achieving God’s purpose.


  3. I mean its their money whatever they choose to do with it is fine
    The harvard endowment guy is the real mvp here thou,alot isnt always put into research in schools with is veRy necessary
    Govt funded schools in Nigeria are nothing to write home about..i dnt know about alot but i can attest to my alma mater,i passed through the school but the school didn’t pass through me at all


  4. Of course the donation to Havard University!


  5. Why on God’s green earth does a pastor need a $65 million jet? These people should learn to fear God now… what happened to flying business/first class? Or hiring a jet when there’s no flight? O ga o. Like my grandma always says, all of us are not going to the same heaven and anybody that will embezzle/misappropriate funds will first of all declare a huge celebration.. oun l’oro private jet yi.

    If I had to choose between making my pastor’s already very comfortable life even more comfortable in a completely ridiculous way as this or contribute to research and development in a good university, I’d choose the school a million times over before I even consider the pastor.


  6. Lately i find that a lot of current events depress me and this $65 million jet purchase is one of them. I cannot rationalize it, i just cant.

    To digress a bit, Your post got me questioning myself as to whether i would ever donate money to my Alma Matter and i think not. I do not feel any loyalty to my Uni and infact i think i have some unresolved bitterness towards my lecturers and the school administration. But i agree that not getting grants has really affected the quality of our education system and the quality of the graduates that are churned out yearly.


    • Lifetitudes from what i keep getting, Nigerian Universities especially the administrators and educators seem to think they are doing the students a favor rather than actually contributing to society by producing secure and well trained graduates. But i am actively trying to understand the system.


  7. I don’t understand why the pastor needs a brand new jet. To each their own sha. The Harvard endowment is cool. I don’t know why people like dictating who should receive money. Is it their own? The person donating is free to give their money to who they want. If I were in creflo’s church though, I won’t donate a dime.


  8. I’m a Christian, but that doesn’t mean I would support someone to better him/herself at the expense od others while camouflaging under the guise of religion.
    As for the educational grant, “train a child, build a nation”. The outcome of the research and more quality training would inadvertently benefit all in the long run, so its strongly advised.


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