Your Virginity is Worthless..

Yes, you read that correctly. Your virginity is WORTHLESS, yes i screamed it. It is worthless, no one is going to commend any young woman for keeping her virginity, there is no prize for it. Now let me explain what brought this post on. I am in my 30’s and i come across many young women, who pride themselves in being virgins, but they always seem to get confused when things go wonky. I read something on a popular blog, the lady felt slighted her husband kept pictures of his exes, and because he married her a virgin, she didn’t deserve that type of treatment.

You married as a virgin, why did you preserve your said virginity? If you did it for your own sanity and God, then i will tell you congratulations. However if you did it to give your husband a gift, not many people are deserving of gifts oh. Learn that because you married as a virgin does not mean your husband will all of a sudden have more respect for you. If he is lousy, he will cheat. His behaviour is what it is irrespective of the status of your hymen.

Preserving virginity doesn’t necessarily mean you wont get an std. Hell your husband can bring it home to you if he is in the category of men stated above. Infertility is also not a function of virginity status, people talk about virgins waiting for children, what has your hymen got to do with your hormones and sperm aligning?  A disrespectful man combined with a virgin might even be worse than a prostitute trying to marry an honest man.

Why are you a virgin? Are you doing it for yourself? If yes, then carry on. Are you doing it for God? If yes then carry on. Are you doing it for a man, so he will see you in a better light? Shoro Niyen? Men marry retired prostitutes and still respect them; even worship the ground they walk on, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The human mind is messed up like that. The truth of the matter is that no one owes you a damn thing because your hymen is intact or you haven’t had intercourse. And for the others who blur the lines on virginity, you are not a virgin if you are a master at oral sex or anal and other such activities.

So to the young women out there, preserve your virginity if it is important to you, however do not expect everyone else to be indebted to you because you preserved it. Rather look for a respectful person to share this self preservation with, so that the person may willingly understand your sacrifice. There is no prize or price for virginity, so make sure you are making your choices for the right reason. I am for keeping your legs closed for the right set of reasons, however your virginity is worthless to almost everyone except God and you.

Please share your thoughts on the expectations some young women have on virginity.

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17 Comments on Your Virginity is Worthless..

  1. This is true.
    It calls to mind the discussions and argument had with one lady I met back in school. I hadn’t had any prior conversations discussions with her, though I heard she’s very book smart.
    So, we were in the common room seeing a movie, a topic as yours came up. And there she went, “I’m sorry for all these girls that aren’t marrying as virgins! How will they even have mouth to complain about their husband, if he offends them?”
    Honestly ehn, I thought she was joking. Turned out she wasn’t! 🙁
    She was blasted and corrected and all, but she wasn’t having none of it. She was right, she thought. Your husband can respect you only if you make money and were a virgin! It made me feel sorry for her and even made me laugh!
    Later I found out her school boyfriend was one cute church boy like that – maybe he totally made her believe so, as per churchy boy na.
    Honestly if women knew that it doesn’t guarantee nothing from a man, especially one who’s well rounded, then they’d work more or at least as well, on their characters, value- add not just money wise and even in the choice of men they decide to be with.


  2. LOOOOL. I got lost @Shoro Niyen. Points are valid. Nothing like ‘gifting’ virginity.


  3. i was almost brainstorming on the words i’d use to refute your controversial stance on this issue till i read your penultimate paragraph. That paragraph just summarizes my view on the virginity issue. I maintain virginity is a desirable virtue. Most people just place unnecessary expectations from the other gender because they are virgins.


  4. 21st century virgins is what the savvy, knows all the oral sex tricks and some anal action… are called. Please if its only penetration into your vagina that’s remaining then sorry you ain’t no virgin.


    • Lol @ Lohla windfall, is that what they are called these days? I had a friend in college (University) about 13 years ago who swore she was a virgin and attempted to condemn someone else who was trying to get an abortion. Only to find out the babe was a pro at oral sex and anal, but claiming virgin. Needless to say she didn’t protect herself and ended up with her own special std. And then she proceeded to say she thought people had anal sex and oral sex instead of vaginal sex to protect their virginity. Haha.


  5. Girls are not smiling this morning o. Hahahaha! Men and craze. Live for yourself and your sanity first and foremost, abeg.


  6. Lmao @ shoro niyen! Your virginity is worthless if the reason you are keeping is because of your husband,it is worthless if that’s the only thing you are bringing to the table,it is worthless if you think an irresponsible hubby will appreciate you for it,it is worthles if that’s thr only thing you sre holding on to when you want to make a point to your man. I could go on and on but one thing is certain ‘ Never try to please anyone apart from God and yourself’ because if you do,you will get burnt.


  7. The*


  8. Gbam
    You couldn’t have said it better


  9. LOL! No one cares about the status of the hymen! Well, to some extent I think that’s true. I had a friend who told me about a guy interested in dating her but his mom requested that he found out if she was a virgin. See, I have a problem with trans-generational ideologies. Cause that’s one of the major reasons why we believe certain things or act in certain ways. We were told being a virgin makes you respected in your husbands home. How about being a virgin for your own reasons is good and not to seek acceptance from someone else.


  10. Well said OAD…

    #Shoro niyen- epic


  11. chukwukadibia // June 7, 2015 at 15:43 // Reply

    Sex is overrated,if you need to keep your virginity,do so for you and do not let anyone no because it’s not their business.


  12. lucynthia // June 8, 2015 at 17:47 // Reply

    Well said….. Lol@ shoro niyen.


  13. I have been reading your blog for sometime now and I love the way you state your opinion and even discuss controversial issues like this one.

    It has been long since I have seen someone who does not care about status quo or Conventional Wisdom but states facts as the way it is.

    Reading this post, I agree with you 100%. Things have changed and you brilliantly highlight this fact in the post. People’s value on Virginity has changed and will keep changing. Most people already are masters of Sex in their mind even before having one.

    Thanks for sharing. Kudos to you


  14. Wanttoknow // November 5, 2016 at 05:13 // Reply

    Im a virgin and I agree with you to an extent. I just want to know if virginity is worthless why is it that a woman can auction her virginity up to hundreds and thousands of dollars and more. Why would a man pay that much?


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