Are You being Weighed Down?

If you don’t know, well now you know, the love locks aka padlocks have been removed from Pont des Art Bridge and a few other bridges  in Paris. Something resonated with me on the issue of the removal. The locks on the bridge started out as a one time thing then became a trend with others simply writing their names on padlocks and locking them onto the wire fence of the bridge. Eventually the weight of the locks were affecting the bridge and they had to be taken down.

The thing that resonated with me is that often times in life we clutter our lives with meaningless things and we get weighed down. I am sure a good number of people with locks on that bridge have since separated or divorced. Is your life cluttered with meaningless things that are weighing you down?

Are you holding on to material things instead of letting them go to people that need them? Are you so intertwined with these things that you have heart palpitations when you think of letting them go? You have 100 shoes you haven’t worn in two years, but you keep them because you like looking at them? Your neighbor needs shoes, you need space.

When you clutter your life, its hard for you to get the things that really matter because you have no space. You become too burdened to be functional like the bridges in Paris. Do not let useless thing take centre stage in your life, let go of things so that the fewer higher quality things and people can come into your life.

I am physically decluterring my space at the moment. I always try to do a physical declutter at least once a month, its good for the soul. A mental declutter on a regular basis is also very necessary.

Do you find your life cluttered? If yes, how? If no, how do you keep it decluttered?

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3 Comments on Are You being Weighed Down?

  1. Like you rightly said its very necessary to declutter both. Physically, mentally and even emotionally. It gives one a clearer view/perspective to focus on the things that truly matter.
    Usually it’s the fear of the unknown that holds one back.

    Holding on to things (materially, emotionally etc) usually cloud ones judgement.

    Where as letting go, opens one to receiving even more.

    I totally like you analogy with the Paris love bridge.
    How are you and how are things?


  2. Decluttering is necessary especially for a hoarder like me,I hoard in every aspect of life but am gradually learning to let so,so as not to be weighed down
    Decluttering gives a kinda clear view you never knew was there
    I like how you used the locks in relation to this topic


  3. I know these help to declutter and chase the weighing down: a good disposition and Faith.


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