Dating Chronicles …Winners Wednesday

So technically since i didnt date anyone before my husband, *ahem ahem coughs and keeps typing* lets talk about dating. Sometimes i feel like i want to go out on a date, maybe just to remind myself that the dating world can be a dangerous minefield. Note i said dating, not relationships.

My first date with my husband lasted five hours, we were gisting and laughing for five hours over sushi in Lagos. Don’t worry i am not going to tell you i knew he was the one, because frankly i didnt have a clue. I was recovering from feeling  broken,  and i didn’t realise it was a romantic date even. I just thought “oh hey, he thinks i am cool and wants to hang out”. So i let him pick me up; i own a car but i am averse to driving especially if i am not sure of the parking situation. 

We hung out everyday for about 3 weeks after and then he told me he liked me. Imagine my surprise, i was like “little ol’ crazy me? Are you sure”. Lol.

Dating is hard for most people because they want to be on their best behaviour etc. The simple truth is, its best to absolutely be yourself, that way when the super comfortable you shows up, the other party isn’t too confused or thinking you deceived them. I am all for keeping things simple, most especially if you are looking for a lifelong partner. Keep conversation light, but make sure your opinions are representative of you, so in the long run you are not left defending yourself.

A first date doesnt have to be wow either, but please don’t go to any man’s house on a first date. No matter how broke he is, he should be able to buy you fanta or ice cream from a joint near his house. If he can’t accommodate that simple request, he has no business dating.

This week’s giveaway is two regular tickets (N3k *2) to see THE SINGLE IN GIDI STAGE PLAY at Terra Kulture in Victoria Island, Lagos. Please leave a comment on why you should win these two tickets – you can leave an awkward dating experience even. Also tell us who you would be taking with you to see the play if you win the tickets… take note of the show times and dates. I will pick the most entertaining and original comment. The last day for commenting on this post to qualify for the tickets is June 09 2015 midnight.

Let me famz small, i know the mega brain behind “single in gidi” and this is my own little way of supporting her effort.



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  1. Eish my dating days… In my teen years there was this babe I liked so I invited her out to a date at Tantalizers (na our level be that then :)). She liked me then too because she didn’t mind taking public transport with me to the place. On getting there, we ordered and I didn’t do my mathematics very well so we ended up spending all the money I had – including our transport money back home!!
    Home was some kilometers away. After the date, as a sharp Logos boy, I told her it was such a lovely evening and we should just spend more time walking and knowing each other… hahaha. Na so we waka go back house o.
    When I think back to remember that day, I’m like… Phew! na God help me.


    You are a sharp guy
    Dating should be fun , no need for pretence it doesn’t help in the long run
    Just being yourself makes everything better


  3. Dating!!! If you can’t keep a conversation going for 30mins I won’t even bother, because we are just going to sit there and pick on our food,which is very dangerous to my brain Lol. I tend to read people a lot,I know your kinda person the first five minute you open your mouth(its a gift 😉 ) so basically I prefer to just hang out than calling it a date. That way tension from both end is reduced.


  4. OMG i just remembered something that happened to me. So on a faithful friday night i took myself to Bungalow in V.I. when i was still single. I had ordered a burger and sushi and drove to pick it up. So one Igbo guy who was on my matter then, and so he called me around 7.30pm that friday and i said i was at bungalow picking up dinner. So he said he was around the corner and would stop buy. So this guy is an eba champion and he asked me to recommend something off the menu…i ordered something safe for him – a club sandwich. That was how guy said i should explain sushi to him. Next thing his phone rang and he told the person on the phone “bros mo nje suuuchee lowo, ma pe e pada”! Ask a yoruba person to translate. After telling oh boy it was called sushi, i gave up. Somehow i told my husband the suchee story and ever since then my husband nicknamed me “Suchi O”!. Lol


  5. I haven’t been on a date in over a year, and I might actually be clueless on what a “Good” date should be like!
    P.S: am only just 26!


  6. Uhhhh I got so excited cos i’ve always wanted to see a stage play at terra culture but timing has always been off. Might just treat myself to the show on the 7th since that’s the only day I can attend but won’t have announced the winner by then.

    I actually just pictured your hubby saying suchi O and it made me LOL (literally).


  7. miss looks like a child,meanwhile u in ur thirties….i am jolous!!


  8. i havent been on a date in a longggg while. i actually miss it. you story is funny OAD, i dont blame your husband for making fun of you.

    I love stage plays, i wish i was in lagos to claim it. i read single in gidi’s blog, and its nice also. good to know you know her.


  9. I haven’t been on too many dates and so far none of the few I’ve been on have blown my mind. The most awkward date I’ve been on… When I was in my 2nd year in the uni, I was 17 going on 18 at the time,there was this 20something year old family friend asking me out then, i didnt understand what the attraction was and I couldnt be bothered about a relationship anywaiz. I sha kept posting the guy. That man taught me how to ignore calls wella.

    Anywaiz, after like 2months of talking on the phone(uncountable monosylabic conversations) he decided to come see me in Ilorin from Lagos, that date was the longest 2hrs ever! I was tongue tied, didnt know what to say or how to act, I looked at my plate the entire time! Last I heard, he’s happily married with 1 child.

    Ms Pynk, I would love the tickets. I’ve wanted to go see a play at Terra Kulture for the longest time but something always came up, its either I dont have money or there’s no time and I didnt know where the place was. But I got transfered to the Tiamiyu Savage branch of my office 2days ago, imagine my surprise when i found out the place is just adjacent my office! I was so happy, I said I must go and see a play there before the end of the year so if i win the tickets, you’d be helping me fulfil a short term goal*shines teeth*

    If i win the tickets, I’d take my sister with me. We’re very close and we’ve never seen a play at Terra Kulture. Thank you in advance.

    *fingers crossed*


  10. It’s been a while i went on a date, maybe it’s because of my job and other things… Would like to see the play OAD360, will just go with my girlfriend.


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