How Much Money Should a Man Have Before He Gets Married?

Good Morning as usual, how much money should a man have before getting married? If you are a man, what basic financial requirements have you set for yourself before you decide to propose and cater to a wife? Women, how much money is enough?
I am asking this question, because it is apparent that finances are one of the most important things to people. It’s ok to discuss this matter in terms of earnings, savings, assets – houses/buildings etc.
We all say finances are important, but finances are determined by the expected quality of life no? Because I am sure some people would do fine with a Banker’s lifestyle across the spectrum, while others would be looking for Dangote money. Or maybe i should ask how much a man should earn annually before proposing marriage? But then even a job is not guaranteed, so what gives?
If you are not married and plan on getting married, how much should a man earn independent of you to propose to you? What is the minimum annual salary you would be comfortable with?
Some days i realise i dont care about money, and there are days where i am like i need that holiday man. This last week i have been electricity-less for about 2 days, and i frankly cannot imagine that being my life on a daily basis. I need at least a few hours of light a day. I dont mind managing, but managing in perpetuity is disturbing to me as a person. In current day times i believe  N15million  to N20million annually in household income can keep me comfortable, but of course the more the better.

So how much is enough? Please share.



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  1. Lol @ the more the better. I think he should have enough to take care of himself and two more individuals(wifey and baby) without stress. He should also be hardworking knowing that as the years go by, he has to rise up the success ladder as the bills rise too.


    • well said Enjay. Also as Clare mentioned,’lifestyle is key here’. There isn’t a one size fits all approach here so what works for one might be the bane for another.


  2. I think he should know the kind of wife he’s getting married to…what she expects,if she has a job or not
    Then know kids will come probably one year or 9 months after the wedding and should be ready to work harder
    I will think 10 to 7million excluding wedding prep n all


  3. lucynthia // June 1, 2015 at 17:01 // Reply

    I think the man should have enough to meet basic Feeding, baby and all the other bills. The woman can support.


  4. Lifestyle is key here,


  5. Agree with Clare (hello namesake!), that lifestyle is key but I think it also depends on the couple’s goals in life. We have a fairly low-cost lifestyle, my bf and I, but we (more him) also wants to work hard to get us to the point where we never need to work… So not millions and millions of dollars, but enough money to continue our modest lifestyle while working only jobs that interest us, when we’re interested.


  6. Wayyyy too many factors to consider to determine that “okay” amount.

    Between the couple, they should be able to meet recurring expenses and still have enough for family fun time, and for rainy days. I feel a woman should be a contributor in the home. Even if it is food stuff only. gives her a sense of ownership in her home.


  7. He should have enough to cater for our living expenses and then a bit to keep us afloat at all times


  8. Its truly ‘the more the merrier’. Being very financially stable (the parameters haven’t been set yet tho’) is the goal here likewise


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