Your Sacrifices are Insignificant

It was all a dream, i used to read word up magazine…..way back when i had the red and black lumberjack… Sorry i got carried away. Yes I still listen to Biggy, if you don’t know, now you know. I am not sure if this was supposed to be a post, but lets go there.

If you are an independent consultant, this might resonate more, even for the average employee seeking opportunities, it is familiar. In my current line of work, i get the most ridiculous demands in terms of pricing. What prompted this post was a potential client that priced the invoice to one tenth of what i billed, and i didn’t get angry, instead i laughed in his face. I will explain.

I know my worth- meaning my pay scale in terms of annual salary, i divide that by 48 weeks in the year, then i decide how many weeks  a job will roughly take me. Usually they take two weeks or more. And if i notice a client is the difficult type, i always bill for four weeks. Imagine my surprise when this man priced my services down like he was pricing pepper in the market. I looked at him after laughing and told him to please take the job to an Accenture or one of those big firms. After all i used to work for a big indigenous firm, and i was the one that wrote the reports. Keep in mind my bill was 30% of what the big firms would charge.

So the guy tried to move the price back up. And i told him it was a pleasure meeting him, but unfortunately since i didn’t earn any of my three degrees by the road side, i would be unable to work with him. And its apparent he doesn’t place any value on what i do, he would have to go elsewhere as i don’t haggle over my fees, since i am not selling consumables in Balogun market. I thanked him and walked out. The guy has been calling my phone since, i have refused to pick it up, as I am unwilling to work with him. He strikes me as one of those people that even if they pay you what you ask for, they are going to impose heavily on your time and expect more than what was agreed. The person who gave me the lead has also been terrorizing me, and i have said i don’t want the job period. That experience leaves me with the opinion that the guy has no respect for intellect. My education wasn’t free and i wasn’t rolling over in bed and making honors. While i try to handle most situations with dignity, nobody should insult me.

I am not a haggling type, and i cant be bothered to start after being in the industry for over 12 years. It makes no sense to me. You go for a job, and they tell you the pays scale is N10k per month when for your level its N100k. I cant deal with Nigerians sometimes. I had someone offer me a job for half of what my earning scale is, and i asked if they were serious? Like really. It’s like saying you want Luis Vuitton but you only have Michael Kors money. Come on respect yourself.

How do you deal with those kind of people? People who want to haggle over your professional qualifications or people who don’t place value on the services you are proposing to provide for them?




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  1. Dealing with this kinda people is so simple. You just tell them your terms and if they agree fine,if not then its no deal. Some people will just want to stress your life out because they want to pay for your services.


  2. Putting things on the table before starting is key. Letting them know your worth and not going down (cos that seems like your worth is subject to diminishing with time) is also important. I think you stated points like this likewise.


  3. I will react exactly how you did….there’s something about knowing your value in every aspect of life


  4. Clear case of deal or no deal?

    I think naija pple just like the act of pricing. However if dude had any sense, he should have done reseacrh to know what a reasonable range is for specific services he was looking for.

    I won’t lie, I am a master negotiator, I love to feel I am getting a good deal. But never at the cost of insulting someone’s craft. So I always do my research to understand what my limits are.


  5. one tenth ke! that man is very unprofessional. there should be a law against such behaviour! i like the way you treated him. what he did was so wrong on many levels. i really feel for his employees.


  6. Loool, don’t blame the man too much, it is African mentality, they think maybe you overstated your price so that when the haggling starts, they won’t be cheated, I do not like haggling or negotiation, its draining even in the market I am trying to get a hang of it.


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