Instadrama, Oops I meant Social Media

My people, my people my people. While some people are building empires, some folks are busying using instagram for drama purposes. I dont mean Joke Silva at Terra Kulture type drama or Toni Braxton or broadway drama. I mean disgracing and exposing themselves. Some people have turned monitoring spirits, some others have turned defenders of ‘vagina freedom fighters’. I promise you, I am not crazy, but simply confused.

Now key note, i like drama just like the next person – so long as I am not involved, but after reading the stuff, i sit there thinking – don’t these people have jobs or better purpose for their life? Even if it is to stay home and sleep? People shaming mistresses, shaming runs girls, shaming ex- boyfriends etc. The intention of the creation of most social media platforms was to help people connect. But now you get on Instagram, people calling out the same “socialities” all the time for sleeping with people’s husbands, some of these babes respond back. Some calling out prostitutes on Instagram who are flossing, but don’t have damn jobs or legit businesses etc. People raising female children these days have to be strong…

Social media has been used to create a lot of relationships and also destroy many. It has also made a liar out of many people. Recently a state governor took to defending his wife after the rubbish that was placed about her on social media. Another one was an oil and gas guy’s alleged wife clapping back at his alleged mistress. What is the point? The truth with public disgrace is that it only lasts for a short period of time. Sooner or later someone else to be disgraced seems to come along.

Then you see the other side of social media – which very few people think to use – those that are using it to heavily promote their business. A good chunk of the readership of this site was gotten through social media push – instagram, twitter, Facebook. You get my point. I get to reach people with my ideas; however wonky they may be. I also get to learn a lot from people who post their responses to my comments. There are people who don’t leave their houses, but are earning salaries beyond the imaginable, thanks to social media.

What gives? What direction are we going in?




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4 Comments on Instadrama, Oops I meant Social Media

  1. Trust human beings to always turn things upside
    This social media thing annonys me…cant people wash their dirty linens in closed places anymore, most the whole world know


  2. That instagram is causing more harm than good in some people life. you tend to do what is important and useful to your existence.


  3. instagram, instagram, i dont even know what to say. some people are entertaining us with their stupidity sha.


  4. People tend to abuse things as long as it is free. Most would tweet from dawn till dusk and you would be left wondering if they had nothing else to engage them. Like you said, “it has made many…. And marred many…”


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