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A beautiful mind has departed. Have your ever watched the movie a beautiful mind? If yes, what did you think about it? If no, please hurry and watch it. This was probably the movie that had the greatest influence on my educational career. The movie is based loosely on the life of John Forbes Nash Jr. (RIP), who was a mathematician who a shared Nobel Prize in economics in 1994. He won this prize due to his work in game theory; anybody that has ever sat in a game theory class knows about John Nash and literally worships him in that regard.


Well i was sad to learn he passed away in a car crash along with his wife – my namesake on May 23 2015. What interests me about him on the whole was that for about 10 years he struggled with schizophrenia, but was determined to get back to the workplace and was unarguably one of the greatest mathematicians of the last two centuries. Its leaders like this that helped me understand the practicality of non-linear differential equations, game theory, and the practicality of applied mathematics in everyday life. He was one of the reasons why i was insistent in ensuring i graduated with a degree in Applied Math & Statistics – I wanted to be a part of the “absolute genius but slightly mad crowd” – despite having to take classes like Applied Algebra two times to pass.

Despite his illness, his Genius was almost overwhelming. May he RIP!

Do you have any industry leaders you look up to? If yes, please who and why?



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  1. On the hunt for that movie now
    Growing up I didn’t look up to any1,i just wanted to be successful but now Arese is who I look up to,shes intelligent and she encourages women to have their own money and her advice on money,investments etc are just great
    Whats not to love pls


    • you can also check out moneymatterswithnimi.com. Haven;t read stuff off her website but i have read her column on Punch newspaper and i opine she has solid and good advice on money management.


  2. My late uncle really inspired me in my field,he made me strife to be the best. He was the best and his name still lingers on in the oil and gas industry even after his death. I still miss U uncle,everyday. Can’t mention his name 🙂


  3. I didn’t really look up to anyone while growing up i was just motivated by the fear of poverty. However, this days i am inspired by women who have made it before 30. they give me hope in becoming whatever i want to be.

    You inspires me miss pynk. even though we arent in the same field, i love the fact that you were focused early in life, you have gained alot of work experience, knowledge and wealth for your age. 3 months ago, a property was available for me to buy, but i felt i was too young to make that kind of investment then i remembered you mention something about owning 2 houses at 23.

    like Talikhi, i also love Arese. the advice she gives on fiances are spot on. I wish to
    be someone who people can look up to in future.


  4. I look up to Ronaldo, not because I want to become a footballer, but because of the fighting spirit. Even when he lost an award 4 times in a row, that didn’t stop him. Many more from him too.


  5. i did see that movie – a beautiful mind, more than once if i can recollect. it puzzled me, inspired me, awakened me, awed me and it still does. John Forbes Nash was truly a great man and he leaves an indelible footprint in this world.

    who inspires me – on the local scene (Nigeria), two people: Pat Utomi and Ibukun Awosika.

    Pat Utomi for his extensive works on economics, leadership and also Nigeria’s growth and development. He is one Nigerian i reckon that is undervalued and underutilized.
    Ibukun Awosika for her resilience in creating an enviable and thriving business in Nigeria and most importantly imbibing biblical principles in achieving her goals.

    Don’t really have an industry leader, just a handful of people who i admire.


  6. www.thelmathinks.com // May 30, 2015 at 17:42 // Reply

    Who inspires me; so many! But in line with my long term goals I’ve got to say Mo Abudu. Oh, I simply adore Ariana Huffington too. I’m inspired by strong women who make it and make it big in a male dominated world. I’m also inspired by little things I see in different people everyday, and I know I will be an inspiration to many too.


  7. Funke Adekoya (SAN) is totally my role model in every sense of the word.
    She is one lawyer with a most intelligent and astute mind, able to stand her own in a profession seemingly dominated, at her level, with rather chauvinistic males.
    I’d be privileged to ever work with her.


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