Nigeria On Her Knees

The giant basket of Africa is on her knees. Why a giant basket you ask? Despite all the resources God has given us and an adult population speculatively between 70 to 100 million which should manifest in the form of common sense, the country is leaking and cannot hold anything in. I am talking about the fuel situation. I am glad that the fuel marketers have managed to see how destructive their actions are. Not only have they shut out the citizenry, they are also shutting themselves out. When their phones no longer work, and their banks no longer work, they will realise that they have also failed themselves even if they are able to power their houses 24 hours a day with diesel. The only phone company i suspect wont be affected is Glo, because of the relationship with Conoil.

Hospitals are not exempt from this problem either. They have no fuel to power their ambulances, neither do they have power to run the hospitals. People are dying from simple situations, and you are simply left wondering how any of this makes sense. There are a few issues that come to light, the marketers are selfish people, our government is even more self-serving, and we need to diversify our sources of energy. There is no reason why anybody should die because of lack of electricity or lack of generator power in this day and age. The government should open the borders and allow stuff to be driven in from Togo and anywhere else looking to sell fuel. Our lives matter.

All the marketers involved in this scandal – the top management’s passports should be seized for starters – this is deliberate sabotage against a nation – it should be a treason trial. The ones without petrol stations should be banned from ever importing petroleum products into Nigeria in the next five years at a minimum. Only marketers with filling stations should be allowed to import products for retail. Finally Buhari has made a statement on the whole saga, even though he did not explicitly say it, it can be inferred from his statement that there are no plans to pay out any sort of subsidy going forward. As for Jonathan and his cohorts; in one month or less, your sins against the Nigerian people has been multiplied. All their passports should be seized, these people should not be allowed to go anywhere, but remain here in Nigeria for a minimum another two years.

Below are some notices from several service providers.

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I read on the internet that Capital Oil has chosen to pull out of the strike. Has anyone been able to buy fuel of any kind from them? If yes, how long did it take you?

I hear they are selling petrol freely in Lome, Togo. Is anybody going?

I predict one helluva week this week- i hear 3rd mainland bridge was free on a monday morning. I live in a serviced building and instead of 12 hours of guaranteed light a day – Generator, we are down to about 7 hours through the night. I am not sure how long the inverter will last, as our electric Disco has not given us light in almost 2 weeks now, and God knows how much diesel is left to be rationed. We are literally stuck in the stone ages. I am hoping and praying i wont have to stay up at night to complete my work for the week as i have two jobs due this week.

My fellow Nigerians, how are you coping?



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  1. State of emergency! It’s crazy. Absolutely crazy.


  2. It’s bad
    I might just relocate to Togo till things get better


  3. It’s such a shameful state Nigeria is right now. It’s impossible not to be affected, irrespective of who you are. Feigning calmness doesn’t even begin to solve the many problems.


  4. I call this an act of desperation.

    These marketers pulled their last card to try to get their over inflated payments before the switch in govt. Ifeanyi Uba is a smart guy. He is backing out of the strike to make new friends in the new govt.

    As bad as things are, situations like this remind thieving Nigerians that they are alson fuc×#*ng up their lives. They can be immuned to a whole lot of shit but when the country comes to a halt, they also will be halted.


  5. Love the new phrase “giant basket of Africa”

    Very apt OAD.


  6. Ms Pynk, the situation is just crazy! I haven’t seen light in my house in two weeks! Cost of transportation is so high, T-fare to any and everywhere has tripled! Food stuff is now also very expensive. The crowds at all the bus stops on my route to work this morning was unbelievable. The few buses that were available were charging #500 for a trip that costs just #100 on a good day. The only good thing about this scarcity is the fact that there are less cars on the road. I spent just 7 minutes on third mainland bridge this morning when on a normal Monday morning, I spend not less than 30 minutes on the bridge.

    I can’t even begin to imagine the chaos at the hospitals right now, I do hope this situation turns around very soon.


    • *to and from

      And, like you implied, Ifeanyi Ubah is just trying to save his own a**. Its not like he’s a good man or anything. Capital oil is the number one company that owes Nigeria money for illegitimate imports they were paid for years ago. He owes this country upwards of 43 billion naira yet he’s being hailed as a hero because he basically did the right thing and opened up his filling stations.


  7. Giant of BS. Ifeanyi Ubah is an a** so he wants to feel like a hero with all the stupid stunt he has been pulling. Few days to inauguration and everything is crumbling, when did nigeria become a laughing stock? I sincerely hope the new government will be wise.


  8. Its ours, and shouldn’t be scarce. Reverse is the case.


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