Never Take Yourself Too Seriously…

First things first, Happy Monday! Are you one of those people that takes yourself extremely seriously? I had a light bulb moment going through my wedding pictures. Keep in mind a lot happened after the wedding. I lost my brother in law exactly a month after, and was finding it hard to go through the pictures. His widow is one that has a very wicked sense of humor, and it has gotten worse since he departed.. I am thinking of setting up a “Humor filled widow” instagram account for her. I have also been struggling to go through the pictures to select the ones for our album, since i chose to build the album myself.

The key thing i noticed in all the videos and pictures was that when we were supposed to be serious, my husband and I were busy laughing. I mean laughing, our actual ceremony had to be heavily edited because we were so busy laughing- my brother made that video and he said it was the hardest video to edit because we were too busy laughing at the priest’s accent. During the traditional they told my husband to give me money, so he took it out of the bowl instead of from his pocket. When we saw each other we were laughing. For the registry we were laughing, the woman threatened to stop officiating midway. We barely have any “nice smile” pictures. Almost all the pictures look like the two below.


Typically we are not – giggly personalities – most times i have a scowl on my face, but on what has been the biggest commitment of my life, i was busy laughing. I mentioned it to my husband and he said he doesn’t believe we took the ceremonies seriously, and maybe that’s why we had minimal stress in getting married. On a daily basis we play pranks on each other and other silly activities, just to ease the stress of work and life in general.

I think its important to find humor at every point in life, it helps ease the tension. We never get out of life alive anyways, so why so serious? Laugh a little, love a lot, and live a lot more. Laughter is good for your health, if you are half as goofy as i am, your blood pressure will be normal. I actually have Low blood pressure and I live in Lagos, discussion for another day.

Do you take yourself a bit too seriously? Do you want to change this? Or if no, do you like yourself the way you are?

May your life be filled with laughter, tons and tons of it. Many things in life we cannot control, but our laughter is one thing we can provide for our own peace and happiness.




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  1. Its like not we are getting out alive why be too serious
    Laughter is medicine and life is too short to be serious all the time
    Hope we will get to see the ablum when its ready…fingers crossed


  2. Touching. I pray for you too: May your life be filled with laughter, tons and tons of it. Thank you. Happy Monday


  3. Always wonder why folks be looking morose in their wedding pics. I love when couples have stupid, crazy, fun at their weddings and it shows on their faces.

    Laughter is definitely good for the soul


  4. You be yellow pawpaw o 🙂

    I did my blood pressure recently and the results said it was kinda high… I sharply gave myself brain. It’s back to normal now.


  5. I love these pictures…. I don’t take things too serious,I always tell people that I’m the most un serious person in my house,Life is too short to have Hbp biko. Someone looked at me one day and he said ‘you don’t look like someone who has issues’ and I asked why? He said,because you are always smiling and never take things serious. #YOLO


  6. Amen. Nothing beats happiness, joy and laughter. I try not to take myself too seriously.


  7. I take myself too seriously, HELP!!!


  8. Lol. I love this. An enviable wedding and relationship too. Life should be fun.


  9. I love the pictures! ! I believe you shouldhave fun on your wedding day. You started your life together with laughter which is perfect in my books!!


  10. Lol, I take myself too seriously sometimes but i still get to laugh tho.


  11. Beautiful wedding pictures.


  12. chukwukadibia // May 28, 2015 at 11:36 // Reply

    Seriously,HELP chika takes herself and life toooo


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