So The Older I Get, The More I ..

I tend to forget names a lot, but I am able to place where i Know people from. I tend to remember oh that’s the person from xyz, but i never remember their name. Is there a way to counter this without looking out rightly stupid? I saw the picture below on Instagram and i was thinking that could have been me. Does this happen to anyone else or I am just getting old? I am confused if I am in a league of my own or not. Please help me if you have any memory tricks that work. If I remember the name, i hardly remember the face – Maybe I am a closet racist – all Nigerian’s look alike? Or my mom has seeped into my subconscious with all her “Mr. Ade-something’s”. When my mom cannot remember a name, she struggles and then says “Oh the man from church, Mr. Ade-something or Olu-something” – Like isn’t that half of the Yoruba population? And my mom cannot say Bayelsa she says “Balelsa” and Suya is “sewer”. Lol.


I am becoming increasingly embarrassed as people that i even went to primary school with see me and remember me, and i can be there stuttering and looking like a fool. I mean I know i can switch it to “Hi Love” and stuff, but that makes me feel like a fraud; a Lagos buttered fraud. How do you work around people who’s names you cant remember?




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  1. Lol, its not just you my dear, happens to me too. Mine is with names.


  2. lucynthia // May 23, 2015 at 16:45 // Reply

    I remember faces alot, but names…
    Lol. I remember my 1st year in school, I called all the guys ‘stanley’. And there is no one called Stanley in my class.


  3. Lol. I think it happens to most of us. I just smile and hope someone calls the persons name.


  4. Happens to me too
    What i do is hope someone mentions the persons’ name but if Noone does i just try to avoid a situation where names have to ne mentioned


  5. This is so me, even worse is that though i remember the face a few times, i don’t remember the place of meet which makes it more difficult to remember the name. I do well with small talk so i try to steer the conversation from the re-introduction of names and hope sometime later, someone else would say the forgotten name.


  6. I barely remember even the ones I went to university with. When added as a friend on Facebook, I check mutual friends. It doesn’t help me remember , just let’s me know where the association is from. It’s really bad.


  7. Lol. It happens to me likewise, not just an awful lot. It can be really painful as it makes me think those people would feel less valued.


  8. chukwukadibia // May 24, 2015 at 11:17 // Reply

    It happens to me alot, infact it happened to me yesterday on my way to work,i walked past this lady who was smiling at me,i smiled back at her and even said good morning like I knew her but God knows I couldn’t remember were I knew the lady fro m.i kept thinking till I got to work,still nothing….lol


  9. It happens to the best of us. Mine is so bad. Like you, I remember where I met the person.

    I try to stir the conversation to favor me from embarrassing myself.


  10. I’m the same way. I either remain a name or a face


  11. Oh my!
    I always ask for their names(I hate pretense) and then few minutes later I forget again sigh#


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