When You Pay Someone to Do Something

Good morning, as usual – I am here wondering. What do you do when you pay for services or goods and you never receive them? I mean for instance, you pay a lawyer to file papers and the person never does the work and doesn’t offer to refund your money? You pay a caterer for a wedding, they never show up with the food? You pay a carpenter for a couch, dude never delivers it? You pay a shoe maker for slippers, the person never delivers?

I was sitting in on the Board meeting of a company last week as I was the independent consultant working on a business plan for a new venture. Prior to engaging me, they had paid money to another consultant who never delivered- not even the cover of the business plan. I was almost embarrassed because under such circumstances, people wont trust the next person and they will keep hammering on what the last person did. After i heard what the last consultant did, after i let them rant for about 5 minutes, i kindly notified them that all human beings are different. I have my own work ethic, the said consultant has his, i don’t promise heaven on earth, neither am I a miracle worker.

Given the backlog or slowness of the Nigerian courts – can a lawyer please explain the gross inefficiency in Nigeria AKA the judiciary to me? Because i don’t understand why simple things take two years, for you to sue someone for non-delivery, the person you are suing might have grand kids before the case comes to court. As you can see a legal recourse is not the way forward – if you involve police, they want 30% of the amount recovered (this is likely illegal)- is there any policeman or woman here? – Shed Light.

Someone I had also paid money to barely did the work. She did one step and kept lying that it was the government body she was dealing with that was changing the rules. Meanwhile she only did step 1. When i asked the new lawyer and someone else at the said government organization to double check what she had done, both came back with the same answer. And this woman was asking me for more money? While i know taking her to court in Nigeria is hopeless, are there other ways to deal with the situation? One of my brothers said to help her change her destiny. lol. I don’t believe in physical violence, but truly some people may deserve it.

Imagine a caterer not bringing food to your wedding after you have paid the entire fee? This wedding one really happened to someone i know. Their mini saving grace was that they knew someone who ran a fast food company, so that person was able to salvage some food from different branches. Lets just say that had to be the absolute worst. Another one was a baker who was supposed to deliver 1st Birthday cakes for twins – he never did. Fortunately someone had the foresight to pick up a cake as a gift for the twins, that was what they ended up cutting as their birthday cake in pictures. The same guy was to make my nephews first birthday cake a week later and had collected 75% deposit. Lets just say my sis in law borrowed herself a brain – went to a mainstream bakery and ordered his cakes and then went with police to find the guy and collect part of her money back. She recovered only half, my nephew will be three next month, so this one happened a while back. The said baker had no deposit policy, he would just keep calling to request an additional N10k that he needed to buy flour, he needed to buy fondant etc.

So what are your thoughts on dealing with people who collect money and never deliver? What has been your experience with this? Have you ever gotten your money back? If yes how?



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  1. That is so unprofessional but as you said it all boils down to work ethics, some people take up jobs that in their heart of hearts they know they can’t handle, instead of simply referring someone else more knowledgeable, that being said I think we need more professional associations and bodies for which we can hold group members action accountable for.


  2. wow all these really happened? i would have cried o. i agree with Chioma on professional bodies that hold people accountable. in my profession, once you mess up and they get to know na panel go follow. but then for the semi-skilled workers, i wonder if they will be able to enforce discipline in their associations.


  3. Its a painful event. You would have been in high hopes that the deal would be done since you have not faltered on your own part and then they disappoint, giving excuses they didn’t think worthy of giving when you were paying or worse still, not even granting you audience and evading you.
    It pains a lot, much reason why I don’t like to disappoint people cos I’ve been there too


  4. I think naija just needs a credible website that allows customers leave reviews.

    In this yankee, before i contact a business I haven’t worked with before, I go to my ever friendly google to search for reviews.

    Until these folks are named and blacklisted, innocent folks will continue to fall prey to their gimmicks.

    Omo if that food one happened at my wedding, I will just beg my airforce or army paddies to arrange some soldiers for me. The rest will be history


  5. Some people are naturally frustrating. It’s a good thing we don’t control oxygen cos some will only have access to carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide .


  6. Hahahaha,for real? The caterer didnot show up? Kai what would have happened if they couldn’t get an alternative? For me,that job would be the last one because when I finish with her,she won’t have the audacity to say she’s a caterer. That’s wickedness! Everyone shows how might they are once you pay them. Its irresponsible for you to get paid for a job and not do it. Tailors are one of the biggest culprit in Nigeria but cunny man die na cunny man go bury am.


  7. Mighty*


  8. The Police is the only resort, they can scare the person and get back a part of your deposit if not all. That’s if you are up to Police stress and the PR required to mobilize them. That’s why most Nigerians give up on chasing recalcitrant service providers, because via using the police it costs more to recover the deposit amount and the stress is 2nd to none.

    For professionals like the lawyer you can report him or her to the Nigerian Bar Association and you’ll def get your deposit back once they start investigations. Other than that please stick to credible verified vendors.


  9. lucynthia // May 23, 2015 at 06:45 // Reply

    Caterer didn’t show up! Lol.
    Thrs nothing people wont do. Id not only arrest the caterer, even her family id arrest them.
    Tailors, just tell them you nee the dress earlier than you actually do.
    Bad business /work ethics. Such people never grow.


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