What Have You Done With Your Life?

You know, i have been watching entirely too much TV in the last two years of my life, and i realise i don’t watch a lot of ignorant TV most of the time, just sometimes. I was watching CNN and I was crying, i haven’t lost my mind, i simply heard the story of James Harrison, a man from Australia.

What makes a random man from Australia so special? His nickname is the Golden arm. He has helped saved over 2 million lives. When you say someone has purpose all i can say is OMG! One life saved 2 million lives? He is a blood donor with unusual plasma that has been used in the development of the vaccine for the Rhesus disease. Rhesus disease is a situation where a woman’s body fights her fetus thinking it is an infection, and the woman ends up miscarrying the baby. This man who is currently 78 and has three more valid years of donating his rare plasma has done so once every week since he was 18.

He committed to donating blood at 14 after he himself received a transfusion. Once he reached the legal age to donate blood, he started doing it, and has never stopped ever since. In his selflessness, he never reneged on his commitment to do so, and has been able to help over 2 million babies.

Some days i see people like this and wonder what my excuse is. Can i do more with my life? I believe so, i just need to fixate less on myself. I am continuously committed to extending acts of kindness on a daily basis, however i am only human, and sometimes i fail.

i hope this post will help you do a quick re-valuation as to what you are doing with yourself and whether or not it is enough for you. If it is, please feel free to share, if it is not, how are you working to get there?

I am also wishing Zoe a Happy birthday. Have a fantastic day, and many more wonderful years ahead.




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  1. Thank you so much for the birthday wish and thank you for posting this article on my birthday. while its a special occasion for me to rejoice on adding another year and being happy about my achievements so far, its also a time for me to reflect on the impact i have had on the lives around me.

    While i try my best to make an impact in peoples lives, i feel there is still more i can do. i pray for more grace to be able to release more of myself and resources to people who genuinely need them.


  2. This is beautiful. He might not wear a mask, or a hood, or a uniform, but he has been a hero, and still a hero


  3. Wooow
    Just wow


  4. Happy birthday Zoe! ! Stories like this encourages one to aspire for more and be a better human.


  5. This just inspired me to do more,even with the fact that my foundation is barely off The ground.


  6. There is always so much we can do. Sometimes a kind word of encouragement goes a long way.

    I hope God humbles me at all times to extend a hand to those who need it.

    God bless this Hero.


  7. Happy birthday Zoe.

    Look at me feeling like someone that does quite a bit. After reading this, it’s clear I need to challenge myself to do more.


  8. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I’m grateful.


  9. Happy Birthday Zoe.

    Well, I try to do a bit of giving with my time and my resources (financial and otherwise). Hopefully, I’d do more with this inspirational post.


  10. lucynthia // May 23, 2015 at 06:57 // Reply

    Happy birhday zoe. We all exist not just to live, but to bless others. That ought to be a major goal for us. If everyone of us lives with a need to bless others, imagine the world we would have. Self focus is great, but until you’ve given yourself to serving other people you’d not know what extreme joy is.


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