Is the Era of Government Funded Orgies Coming to an End?

I have been meaning to write this memo for a while now, since the elections. I have finally gotten around to it – somewhat! There are somethings about Nigeria that i would like to see change. This is my list.

1. Nigeria is broke, broke, poor, broken, use whatever words you want, we cannot afford the current way we live. Aso Rock cannot be eating Gucci rice while everyone else suffers.

2. If the National Assembly is unwilling to increase the minimum wage, their salaries should be adjusted accordingly.

3. What work is the National Assembly doing that they are paid more than the United States President? Their salaries need to be reviewed downwards. Given that Nigeria’s revenue has declined by easily 50%, their salaries should be adjusted accordingly. If they are really passionate about their jobs they will stay, if not they should go and try their hands at baba ijebu lottery, they might win there.

4. Business will be bad for certain people.

a. Pimps & Runz girls (prostitutes) – i no longer expect a Governor’s girlfriend to be wearing half of the state’s allocation on her over bleached head disguised as a wig or Brazilian hair. Neither do i expect her to be driving the entire salary of a local government around in a range rover. No half dimwit will be running around oppressing others who her married boyfriend has rob of the chance at a remotely decent life. Maybe our officials will work, if they have less money to pay for orgies.

b. Car dealers – no one should be ordering 50 of the same vehicles for awoof anymore.

c. High End Wedding Planners and Event Coordinators – Governor’s and other officials – Children’s lavish weddings on the popular blogs – your parents are civil servants, that wedding at the Burj Khalifa was not paid for with hard earned money, because your parent is a thief, he or she has deprived the others of their rights. Remember the biggest threat to your child is the other child that was disadvantaged because your greedy a** parent decided to steal what was to be used to better them.

5. Prosecution of a lot of people. My prayer is that all of Buhari’s time isn’t spent prosecuting people and he has time to actually govern. A lot of people deserve jail time.

6.No more drama from fuel marketers – deregulation of the markets.

7. Sanitation to a certain level of government agencies, State governments to stop diverting the salaries of civil servants etc. Sensitizing these same set of workers and helping them understand they are not demigods.

8. Youth – a lot of help, scrap NYSC and bring in more meaningful programs that aid entrepreneurship and access to the tools to help them succeed.

9. Diversification of the economy – no more Oil, oil, oil. The Niger-Delta has oil, but they remain so impoverished. We need more sustainable income that can also help us grow instead of remaining a mono-economy.

10. Greater focus on education, Healthcare and technology – Nigeria is not globally competitive based on what we currently have. Nigerians will no longer accept hospital treatment under “wayo Allah”.

11. Power, it obvious the new DISCOs aren’t working well. We need alternate power – affordable too.

12. They need to start scrapping duplicate agencies. The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) is a useless organisation. We do not need one agency with a $$million budgets to tell us our identity. Incorporate the FRSC ( Drivers license, Immigration – passports, tax agencies and health agencies – birth and death records). Put all these agencies on the same platform) or find a way to merge them. Create a National Identity number once a child is born and notify the system when the death is recorded. We are tired of having BVN for the banks, a different tax state ID, a different number on our voters card etc. One form of identification should be acceptable everywhere. Let our statistics be organised – NBS needs to do more than produce estimated numbers. We need proper population demographics to plan the present and the future of this country- think proper resource allocation. Nobody knows exactly how many people we have in Nigeria, its crazy.

Lastly Jonathan and Sambo should stop asking us to forgive them, if they know they haven’t done wrong, what are they asking us to forgive them for? Don’t beg, Jonathan did wedding for his “daughter” and lavishly at that, days after chibok girls were kidnapped, maybe that’s the forgiveness he is begging us for, or for making his wife a Perm Sec in a state when she hadn’t fulfilled the duties of the said role in God knows how many years. They should be ready for whatever Nigerians throw their way. They didn’t think doom would appear in their lifetime abi? No problem.

Buhari should also take note that if he misbehaves, it is our choice whether or not we want to “change” him. That’s all. Please share your thoughts.






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  1. Very apt write up miss Pynk. You actually penned down the mind of most people and that point 4 is sooo on point. I hope Buhari won’t use all his tenure to send people to jail because he really need to start acting on the change he promised Nigerians.
    50% declination doesn’t explain nigeria economy at this rate,so many things has gone wrong and I sincerely hope the incoming government will prioritize the important things.


  2. If the incoming government decide to focus on other things instead of oil, then the issue of unemployment will reduce and the youth (who are suppose to be the leaders of tomorrow) will stop trekking( which is seriously getting of my nerves). Joblessness is the main reason why they are trekking because if they have a job or businesses then I don’t think trekking should be on their top list.
    The issue of power really needs t be addressed,its embarrassing when Ghana is protesting because they don’t have light and The supposed Giant of Africa is in total darkness for donkey years. Businesses are packing up, unemployment is growing, small scale businesses can’t strive and hunger looms heavily. Let me stop here before I start ranting again 🙂


    • Kiki, i have been meaning to write a trekking post, but i have so much work that i have to remind myself to write that post.


  3. This list is so very much the deal. Oil dependency is hurting as we were even better off on Agric. And for the past administration, why beg in disguise if you’re convinced you did the right thing?


  4. I also pray that this change they are looking for,will be actualized by this present govt…if not they are all the same under different umbrellas


  5. Yes, Yes, Yes to all you have written. very apt article. i wished this could be published on other sites. Well done!


  6. christabel // May 20, 2015 at 11:09 // Reply

    this write up is seconded, I k nw change is not magic but begins with u and I. an average nigerian goes for a public office not to serve but to steal, let us renew our mind, it is our Nigeria and stop stealing from ur country to go and better another country’s economy. start from where u are to effect change so that we can have a better Nigeria… We should open our minds to new laws and reforms and there should also be more sensitization and awareness on laws and reforems…


    • Christabel, i am not justifying the rubbish that civil servants do, but what happens when you don’t get paid for months on end? The governor is visibly campaigning for re-election but you haven’t seen your salary for 5 months?


      • I found it disgusting when I saw the news about government in some states owing people salary. The fact that you are paying them miserably is not enough,you still have the guts to use state fund to campaign during election. Not only that the money wasted to publish stupid article would have gone a long way to settle off some debts. Yet,you still threaten the people you swore to serve,if they don’t vote for your candidate, Its pathetic. People have not been paid for seven months and they still go to work everyday because there is no alternative. Greedy ass politicians will still travel around the world with the money they claim the government doesn’t have. I could go on all day but it doesn’t change the fact that this country is Sick.


  7. Beautiful write-up!


  8. You are the real mvp I tell you….i wish the incoming govt can see this….
    Nysc is just plain useless, i hoped it will ne scraped before my time but it wasn’t but i hope it happens eventually


  9. Accountability in all areas of Government is what we have been promised and i hope that’s what we get. Really tired of the traffic caused by fuel queue and just the air of despondency in the Country. I am seriously and hopefully counting down to May 29th.


  10. I love this write up. I believe the best way to know those that really love this country is to scrap most of the nonsense allowances attached to political positions. Also, review their salaries downward and block means of stealing. When anyone contests, we will know it is truly for love of country not money!!


  11. lucynthia // May 23, 2015 at 06:06 // Reply

    You’ve done a very beautiful job. . I have always wondered what the NIMC was set up for. And the issue of identification in this country! I AM TIRED! Too many id cards. Lasera, drivers licence, passport……. Just finding ways to steal money!
    National assembly! Those ones that we pay heavily to display inefficiency. I mean their salary can stop some of the. Challenges in an entire state. Too much money is not letting them know their job. Some go there to SLEEP! Jonathan and sambo…lets not even bother. Jonathan bought how many private jets! What is he using it for? How many can he enter at once. After a major crisis, jona either has a party or attends somewhere else.under Jonas nose Nigeria experienced the highest level of corruption ever! People steal millions and you give them fine of #750k. Gucci rice indeed because I don’t understand their budget for. Feeding in asorock! Lets not even start with patience, dunno who’s worse.
    God bless you for this post o.
    God help Nigeria.


  12. chukwukadibia // May 23, 2015 at 08:25 // Reply

    Very apt article,please what does MVP mean??talikhi mentioned that on her post.


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