Victories….And Celebrating Them

How do you celebrate your victories? There is something i have been working on for almost 2 whole years now. The first time i tried and thought it was in the pipeline, it took almost a year for me to find out that the person i paid to conduct the activity for me didn’t do it. I almost had a nervous breakdown and had to remind myself that a destiny delayed is not destiny denied.

I have been dreaming, planning and working on what is to be my primary business. It is a big part of why i have refused job offers in the last two years and have been swinging it with running my own consultancy business, advising small to medium business enterprises. And by God he has been faithful, i have never gone hungry or without. For that I am grateful. If you have work for me, feel free to email me. lol.

One thing i learnt to do early this year, was to always ask God to order my steps for that which he has ordained for me. And to equip me to execute his will in accordance with all he has made me custodian of here on earth.  A business i have invested so much in, i was starting to get frustrated about three weeks ago. What people were requesting millions from me to do, God sent to me for free. Its a testimony of sorts, because i got beyond what i was looking for.

My reason for writing this post cryptic as it may be, there is nothing that belongs to us or is truly within our control. We need to learn to give things to God and simply do our part and move on. In life i have a few philosophies- Be kind, be honest ( as honest as you can be), and be grateful.  While no other human being owes us a thing, God uses others to help us and vice versa.

Love Your neighbor whom you have seen before you profess to love God.

Have you ever hit a low and being wondering what next? Feel free to share.




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  1. Trusting God and letting him do his part is the best thing ever…thou it can be exhausting for us mortal


  2. I made up my mind to just sit back and let God fix it. Most times when I worry my head on a particular ish and I can’t figure it out,I just tell God to fix it which is what I should have done in the beginning, so now I hand everything to Him.
    I had plans for the first quarter of this year but ten days into the year I felt uncomfortable about the whole plan,suffice to say the whole plan crashed few weeks into the new year. Troubled but I kept the beautiful smile, Now things are shaping up again because I told Him to FIX IT.
    P.s There’s always a reason why He’s quiet. Being Grateful is the word.


  3. Yep had plans,worked tirelessly even at the hospital after delivery last year,only to get an email we are sorry in March,felt soo low but I thank God it didn’t work


  4. This reminds me of a song I loved as a kid from kids praise:

    I cast all my cares upon you
    I lay all of my burdens down at your feet
    And anytime I don’t know what to do
    I will cast all my cares upon you!!

    I cling to thus and feel better.


  5. Congratulations, dear! May you always have a reason to be joyful.

    Loved this – “there is nothing that belongs to us or is truly within our control. We need to learn to give things to God and simply do our part and move on.” So true… it works.


  6. Congratulations ma’am. That dream will become a reality very very soon.


  7. God has been wonderful. I celebrate His goodness and the joy of being alive and well


  8. Aaw thanks yall. I am gonna cry.


  9. wow thank God for your life and testimony. thanks for reminding my that God is control. i’m almost at a low right now, was just about to give up on something i feel i need to advance myself right now. But i wont give up my miracle is around the corner or a better opportunity is on the way. thanks again.


  10. Delay is never denial

    He may not come when you want Him to, but He is always on time.

    Removing stress from my life is one of my 2015 goals. So when things don’t seem to be going well, I find reasons to thank God.
    – Miss my flight (I tell myself maybe if i had gotten on the plane, it would have crashed.)
    – I get a small injury (i’m like maybe God allowed this to happen to prevent me from doing something that would lead to a worse injury).

    Sha you get the drift. finding the good in every situation. It might be an extreme but it has really helped to keep me from over stressing.

    Congratulations on your success. I’m here hoping it has to do with the school. You need to be out there educating the next generation 🙂 a beautiful mind.


  11. I love this. Count your blessings name them one by one too. That’s like the only thing that gets me going, and the realisation that God’s gonna do more


  12. That feeling when you know. Everything will be okay, just because of the God factor.

    Congratulations OAD, happy for you and may the favors continue to flow abundantly.

    @ Mrs Fab. That song is one of my fave. Anytime anyday. It calms me knowing God is fixing me.


  13. osas owen // May 20, 2015 at 02:54 // Reply

    Congratulations! God just did something huge for my family. It had lingered for so long and now everything seem so perfect. God sure makes everything beautiful in His time


  14. Though it may delay, it will come to pass. hang in there


  15. Congratulations!!! Glory to God.

    I’m extra thankful for this post. I can’t even write out why. Lots of things.
    May God, who is always gracious, continue to be so for us, help us to be kind, honest and hard-working (truth that’s my mantra for life, I’m not copying you o! )and forgive our shortcomings, Amen.


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