How Far Would You Go For Beauty

Top of the morning to you! I am asking how far would you go for beauty? What are your limits if money was not an object and everything was easily accessible? I was reading up on the news and i saw that the male Kim K look alike now has leaking lips from the lip fillers he did, you can read the story here…obviously, this guy’s standard of beauty is Kim K. She is beautiful, but i reserve my comments on judging him – because i believe there is beauty in every one of us, and if we can’t see it, no one else can ever convince us of it. Below are his before and after. Apparently he was turned back by surgeons and is now trying to get it fixed on a show called botched or botched up bodies.

kim-kardashian-lookalike-before kim-kardashian-lookalike-ips

I watch a lot of botched, surgery made me this way, all those shows that put the fear of God in you. The ones about when surgery goes wrong.. I was watching one last week – she got a gastric sleeve placed on her stomach to make it smaller by dividing it into two – the woman was about 400 or so pounds. The sleeve caused her stomach to explode inside her body, she almost died. Another woman had a gastric procedure and ended up being unable to control her bowels for 8 years, till they were able to fit her with a rectal pacemaker – she pretty much presses a remote to release her bowels. So she can finally leave her house because she is not scared of pooping herself anymore in public.  A third guy lost something like 300 pounds through gastric surgery and was left weighing about 300 pounds, but about 150 pounds of it was excess skin which was starting to sore and grow bacteria. Because of how long the surgery would take to remove the skin (6 hours), a lot if doctors didn’t want to touch the guy, as the maximum allowable time is 4 hours.

I have had a close up experience with a friend who when we worked together in Baghdad decided she wanted to go get a gastric sleeve in Thailand. She weighed about 450 pounds then. I wont lie, we did a lot of reckless eating as the food was five star quality and free. And we also did minimal exercise and movement as we had desk jobs. So in 2006 she decided to go to Thailand as it was maybe 30% the cost of what she would have paid in the US. Everybody back then always looked to Thailand, which generally has good services for way less. Anyways believe it or not, her surgery went badly, she ended up being having to be medivac’d to the US. Lets just say she lost everything, her job and a whole lot of money. Our employer agreed to fly her out of Thailand and pay hospital bills in the States, but turned around and billed her and then fired her.

For me, the older i get, the less i am inclined to have surgery. Even when i thought i wanted to change things about myself and i had money, i opted out. Before i fixed my teeth, Thailand offered a quick fix of dental surgery, i opted for hard metal braces over a period of two years and lo and behold i have very decent dentition now. I also considered a tummy tuck and liposuction back then as i weighed close to 80KG and was just generally unhappy with my body. But somehow i never followed through with it. 2008 i started working out actively and by 2010 i was at a very comfortable weight of about 70KG. And maintained that for about 4 years more. Now i am probably pushing 73KG, but i have made a conscious decision to do better with myself and go back to discipline.

I am not judging surgery, i am just too worried about the “what if it goes horribly wrong option”. There is absolutely no human being that is 100% secure in themselves. Now my question to you is if you had the funding and access would you go ahead with aesthetic surgery? A Cesarian section is not aesthetic surgery, neither is something that is related to state of health.

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27 Comments on How Far Would You Go For Beauty

  1. Not very far. Been fantasizing about a breast lift for a while but doubt if i will ever have it done. Am way to traditional/scared.


  2. A boob reduction is calling my name. But fear of unknown won’t let me push fwd.


  3. I think I like myself this way. There was a time a lady told me she liked me cos of my eyebrows, a part of me I pay little attention to. Many of us are beautiful with distinctive features but end up going after the features of others


  4. I also love botched. Don’t think I’ll consider cosmetic surgery unless it’s something really important. That depends on ones definition of important though! ! I think I’m safer wishing somethings could magically disappear.


  5. Boy, the things I’ve seen on plastic surgery tv shows have left me needing therapy. Hehehe.
    I say if it’s safe and it’ll make you happier then go for it. You only live once but personally I’ve learnt to be comfortable in my own skin. Living and loving myself, warts and all!


  6. lucynthia // May 16, 2015 at 21:21 // Reply

    Surgery…… Except its health related eg breast implants for breast cancer survivors, I don’t think its important. Then botched surgeries….kai!. What are you looking for? Everyone is beautiful in their own way. So wether you’re fat, slim, short, tall its ok.
    Some people change their skin color. I always wonder what they’d do with their old pictures. Lol


  7. lucynthia // May 16, 2015 at 21:24 // Reply

    So instead of risking your precious life all in the name of beauty, I think DISCIPLINE, DIETING AND EXERCISE would be just fine.


  8. Well I’m inclined to think a certain part of my body needs a lift, I mistakenly mentioned it to a friend and she went mad with me,LOL. I was just like Babe chill it’s my body na and I have plans to, i’ve not gone and did it
    Deep down, I know I cant tamper with this body God has given me but I can’t help but wish so things were made differently


  9. I love botched


  10. I love watching botched. I have never thought of surgery. Whatever i don’t like in my body can be worked on using exercise. I thought of doing tummy tuck when i am done with child birth but i changed my mind and said i would exercise instead.


  11. It depends. I’m not willing to change my face so much that I don’t look like myself anymore but having kids has taken its toll on my belly. To that, I might consider some sort of tuck. *grinning


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