Tattooing of Private Parts?

Imagine my bewilderment when i heard that South Africa was asking its citizens with HIV or the AIDS virus to get tattoo-ed on their private parts? Yes you read correctly, somehow the government of South Africa believes people with HIV should have a tattoo on their penis or vagina. They have actually passed a law – read here.  But really why? If the person tests positive and doesn’t want to tattoo it, there is a freedom not to do so. Shouldn’t the focus be on education of the general population so that people understand how the virus is transmitted?


Sometimes i think about Africa and it makes me tired. In furtherance to the rubbish above, they are offering to pay these people 50,000 rands which is equivalent to about $4,000. The first 10 million people with confirmed HIV status will be paid the said amount. Now do the calculation of this amount – $40 million. South Africa isn’t exactly a rich country, so why do they come up with such silly ideas? Many people have sex in the dark, so are they going to even see the tattoos on their partner before sex? Or oh i have an idea, make the tattoo glow in the dark? And do they not have programs that would be better served by the money in question.

Given that people are not as cautious as they should be when it comes to sexual partners. There needs to be more of an emphasis on education and testing of potential partners before getting in the sack with them.

I can’t even speak beyond what i have read. I just can’t as in this is a matter of “bye Felicia”, “you gotta be kidding me” type thing.

I have a few questions, is the practice justified? And if your “enemy” was HIV positive would you advise them to go for it? What do you think the solution to the HIV epidemic is?

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187 Comments on Tattooing of Private Parts?

  1. Tattooing your private is a form of stigmatization. I think people should be educated more of the HIV epidemic and it’s dangers. We don’t have a high rate of people infected with HIV in Nigeria as South Africa because of the awareness we have. I remember in the 90s and early 20s when it was trending, everyone was concerned, the fed govt. raised NGOs to educate people and also made free medical centres for people to go check their HIV status. Artistes did songs and movies were done to educate the masses on how it can be contracted and managed. ‘Awareness’ is key to managing this virus. That was the same way Ebola was contained and managed.


  2. *the fed govt raised medical centres for people to go check their HIV status, NGOs were formed.


  3. News like this makes me question some leaders IQ. You pay them for admitting they have the disease,does that stop them from spreading it??? What are they suppose to use the money for? Considering the fact that most of them are very lazy. In cases like this,you just continue with the awareness campaign which helps to a large extent. Most of them will collect the money and still use it to spread the virus and the cycle continues.


  4. This is totally unjustified. It would lead more to stigmatization and make them more self-absorbed, leading to depression and a host of other things.


  5. *le sigh* I quit. I don’t understand the rationale of African countries in general.


  6. Errm, looking at it from another angle though the Government is in position to salvage any situation concerning its citizens and how they choose to do that in this case might be questionable, yea! But it might curb the spread the disease , also we have to remember that since the discovery HIV/AIDS in Africa, different measures have been put in place by governments across the continent including the south African govt, the measures which includes creating awareness via the media, sitcoms,
    Amongst others we are familiar. The fact that we are not too keen on this one those not mean it won’t work better than the ones earlier mentioned
    There is a possibility that those measures used the past has not yielded much in curbing the disease.
    As to the effectiveness of tattoo on the private part, in this day and time it’s no longer news that sex as gone beyond coital sex, therein lies the possibility of this particular measure working+ before the Govt will spend so much they would have done their homework to know how far the process go in curbing HIV/AiDs
    But then, this is Africa everything reminds us of slavery.


  7. *insert missing words* typo!


  8. Sometimes I wonder if there is truly something wrong with black Africa. Some craziness your read/hear is serious thought for concern.

    Ms. Lily abeg naija is really bad with spread of HIV/AIDS. But like all things bad in naija, we hide it and cover up like no man’s business.

    like others have said, the focus should be on education. The tattoos won’t address the root cause. People need to understand self love comes first. protect yourself at all times. If you must have sex, use protection.

    The stylplus song is now stuck in my head.

    You should save your life for those who love you and need you in their lives. Play it safe, stay alive……


  9. I live in South Africa so I can can ‘try’ to understand why South Africa is taking this step.
    South Africa presently has the highest rate of HIV infection in the world and the government is probably trying to hem the rate of infection by all means possible. In fact, South Africa has the world’s highest premature deaths of 300,000 people from HIV/AIDS with about 6.3 million presently living with the virus.
    In reality though, this is not going to work. Firstly, the proposal states that they will only be giving the money in form of a funeral expense voucher. That is just sick and twisted – you want to stop them from dying and then promising to give them a decent burial when they die.
    I can write an epistle on this issue but will stop here.. I’m obviously outraged!


  10. There really is a problem, and I think it boils out to improper planning of projects on the part of the people and government too


    • Well maybe improper planning, one thing I know about legislation is that before a law is passed, there is always a lot of deliberation on it and such law will have some specifics that might be known to the populace.

      In this case we dont know what the specifics are neither do we know the rationale behind the give voucher thingy.
      But we all know that
      “South Africa presently has the highest rate of HIV infection in the world and the government is probably trying to hem the rate of infection by all means possible.”


  11. Trying to cure malaria with panadol…. This action does not not in anyway curb the spread of the disease. Just leads to expenses that the country cannot afford or sustain. The funds can be used in assisting affected persons start their lives afresh, helping them convert to educators and spurring them to impact their society positively. Drunk men or women don’t see no tattoos!


  12. Africa my Africa *sigh*

    How on God’s green earth did this joke of a law get passed? How will it help? Education is very very key. What happens when you refuse to have sex cos the man has been branded but you allow him to give you head? Hasn’t the purpose been defeated already?

    The people need education not stigmatisation and a “descent” burial.


  13. Africa Oh Africa! How long will it take us to catch up? How does this measure stop impending danger? The truth is, people will still engage in sexual relations with infected individuals even after proper sensitization. Just like I can almost bet that people still ate the animals classified as ebola carriers. The thing is, we as Africans need a re-orientation and clearly, it’s taking us forever to get that started, let alone play catch up. May God help us.


  14. It’s high time south Africa requested for good advisers


  15. Huh! In my head, i’m trying to figure out how this solves anything really. Are they trying to eradicate the issue or encourage/promote the virus? Why reward them? At such an expensive cost for that matter?


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