Ten Benefits of Being A side Chic

I bet you are reading this topic and thinking, oh she has lost it. No I haven’t but i want us to discuss this issue – not really from a wrong or right or even a morally superior angle (married women vs side chic) issue. As far as I am concerned, we are all women, probably looking for different things at different points in our lives, and some man is willing to indulge us – be it marriage or a shakedown.

1) You are never expected to pay for anything – Yeah you read that correctly. No man in his right senses expects his side chic to pay for anything.

2) He cant lie to you- there is no reason for him to lie to you unless he is one hell of a chronic liar. He knows, that you know that you aren’t particularly a priority for him

3) You don’t have to play nice at any particular point in time by pretending to like whatever he is interested in.

4) You get all the benefits without having to do much of the work – play your cards right and all he will want to do is come to you.

5) You don’t have to meet his friends or family and pretend to like them – this one is one kind in Nigeria sha.

6) Its on your terms- You can say no whenever you want, as in “not today Satan not today”.

7) You can feel slightly morally superior to at least one person – him. He is cheating on his partner, it makes you look a bit better as you aren’t exactly cheating on anyone if you are single.

8) You don’t have to breakup – it just fizzles away, because technically it wasn’t a relationship to begin with.

9) You don’t get your feelings involved – it doesn’t even matter if you like him.

10) It helps boost your self esteem – many men don’t cheat with ugly women; at least that’s what you have to tell yourself.


You know and most of all, you get them bills paid if you are smart about it, because after all if he isn’t committed to you, you got to get something tangible out of it. Some women have even been rumored to build empires out of side-chicness. I say let no one pluck your feathers if that is the life you are committed to. Stretch them wings and fly bay bay!

PS: If you are a side chic and your bills aren’t getting paid and more, you are just a second wife. Because at least he is paying half if not all of the bills with his main. Side chics aren’t allowed to fall in love, it clouds judgements. If you are going to be wanting more of his time and affection, this isn’t a path to tow.

PS: This post was for fun more than anything else – I hope i made you laugh a bit. I believe in society we all have roles to play and people chose their paths. For side chics to exist, husbands, boyfriends, baby fathers etc must be willing to engage them in these situations irrespective of their demands.

My dad says – whatever you chose to do in life, do it well…….


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10 Comments on Ten Benefits of Being A side Chic

  1. Interesting perspective, but in Nigeria many girls are not aware of their side chick status so they still do all the work and wahala without any benefit in return.


  2. True enough if you play your cards right. Thing is many don’t understand the business angle of side-chicness,they start catching feelings and acting like a wife and feeling entitled to wifely benefits and the men in turn treat them like crap(just like they treat their wives). But the experienced ones know better and those are the ones who can build an empire from this hustle.


  3. Now the real question is how many can continue as side chics without catching feelings.


    • Not many. People like to get their feelings involved. And after a certain age, younger side chics come along. Lol. Its hard for a side chic out there


  4. Lol… To the side chics around, u just got the green light from OAD, follow the rules and rule ur chosen “career”


  5. Lol this is funny, the tittle of the post ought to be Side-Chic 101.


  6. Interesting post and yes OAD360 you’re right. Anything worth doing is worth doing well, not like i support side chic hustle but babes gat to be smart na.


  7. Must their always be a side chick? And ladies must you always be one? All cos of money? You lower your standards and blur your future.


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