Announcement – So You Were Skeptical About Us…

Well, well well, like Nigerians would say #GODWIN! I had announced about two weeks ago, Peace Ogune won the laptop – The ASUS NOTEBOOK PC – X55OCA SI3 . I always keep to my word and whatever I Say i will give away, i do it, I never change my mind midway or flip flop. And being transparent is key for me as a person and this website community.  Thank God for the Grace to be able to keep my word.

Below is a picture of Peace (yes he is a guy, one hell of a determined one too) and our email exchanges. In Peace’s words “That’s all, i don’t have to do anything else”?


Email is Below –

“Dear Peace Ogune, i am emailing to congratulate you on winning the ASUS NOTEBOOK PC X550CA SI3 from

Kindly respond to this email with a contact number and day this week ( wednesday or thursday) and time (preferably before noon) we can meet at xxx to hand over the computer. Please note that a picture of the gift being received will be taken for the Site. And also your response to the win will be published along with it.

Also note that a print out of our email correspondence will be required as proof for the pickup.


His Response

thank soooooo much pynk, I am sooooo shocked and happy! I never thought it was real I am so grateful. I am supposed to be headed for xxx right now but I shall wait until tomorrow I am coming from xxx and can be at xxx for 10 to noon just tell me when is right. my number is 070xxxxxxxx.
one love
peace ogunne”

If you want in on the current giveaway, its N3,000 to Spar (Park and Shop) ; It closes today at midnight.  You can enter it here.

Keep looking out, Next week there is going to be a sexy giveaway again. There will continue to be sexy giveaways– its whatever my mind can come up with and the budget can carry. We all like to win stuff, so good luck contesting.




10 Comments on Announcement – So You Were Skeptical About Us…

  1. congrats peace, thought peace was a lady too. lool


  2. wow i also thought peace was a lady. congrats.


  3. Awesome! Congrats Peace. Looking foward to the sexy give aways..


  4. Congratulations Peace. Very lovely Miss Pynk!


  5. Mrs Fab // May 8, 2015 at 22:47 // Reply

    Thought Peace is a lady!! Congrats again


  6. A guy bears the name peace??… We learn everyday, congrats bruh


  7. Talikhi // May 9, 2015 at 15:12 // Reply

    ook.thanks for explaining mami
    Thankfully I have pple in lagos just incase


  8. congratulations peace. patiently waiting for the sexy give away. whoop whoop


  9. Lol. Afi sexy giveaway….. 🙂 patiently waiting ooo.

    Congratulations, Peace. Who would have thought you were male…


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