Can You See The Light in The Tunnel, Talk less of at The End?

I ask that question for several reasons. As usual i was making the instagram rounds, and something caught my eye. I has been a big deal for me because i was able to get some motivation from it in the middle of a week i have been feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes we have so much on our plates, that we don’t stop look around us to draw inspiration from those truly doing beautiful things.

Hans and rene who makes absolutely fantastic, but expensive cakes ventured out to making gelato which was on sale to the public over the weekend. Didn’t have the chance to make it out there, but imagine my surprise when i saw agbalumo gelato was on their menu? They took something so common place that we generally dismiss and made something out of it. It took some level of creativity, degree of passion despite the amount of people who would have told them it made no sense. They created the first agbalumo flavored gelato. Now if that doesn’t inspire you even a little, i cant help you today, maybe try me another day. There are a few lessons to be learnt from this incident, its that whatever it is you are trying to do, half of the time the resources are around you, you just have to set your mind to it irrespective of what other people may have to say (usually negative).


Whatever it is that you are doing, be inspired by your surroundings and let creativity take over your mind.




3 Comments on Can You See The Light in The Tunnel, Talk less of at The End?

  1. Mrs Fab // May 7, 2015 at 21:50 // Reply

    cool idea. Wonder how it will taste.


  2. Hmmm at agbalumo. Am wishing something magical will happen to me and i will begin to create stuff in the kitchen


  3. I tend to have appetite for foods that aren’t conventional but the problem with that is, on the long run, it’s not economical in this part of the world


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