But why the Obsession with Weddings & Marriage…

Nigerians please come and answer for me this question. Why are we obsessed with weddings? I say weddings, because i don’t believe we have a healthy marriage culture in this country. Any small thing a woman does wrong, “ehn its because she hasn’t married”. Even in a fight between two colleagues, being married makes one right. So imagine my amusement when i saw this map allegedly credited to Business Insider on what people in certain countries searched for – you guessed right, Nigeria search for…….. drumroll ….. weddings.







Yes Nigerians are really that obsessed with weddings. At least you would think it would stop there right? The picture below was posted on Instagram, and folks went in on the couple as to their having a child out of wedlock. Below are some of the comments left on this picture that is beyond adorable…

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Is it your business? Marriage inst the be all and end all for many people. Marriage isn’t going to automatically change anyone’s life – neither is a wedding. If anything, many people who aren’t careful end up letting the actual wedding breed unhappiness in their marriage – think overspending. Nigerians with this you must marry attitude- are many of the people that are married happy?  I hear so many horror stories from friends and acquaintances alike that i am always prompted to ask why they married the person they are complaining so bitterly about. Or do we have issues with our expectations?

I am married but i choose to keep drama to a minimal – i have no interest in being committed to a mental institution at any point in my life. My life is God, Me – the better i am as a woman, the better i can serve those i profess to love. I see people who describe themselves on Instagram “wife, mother, entrepreneur”. While i understand all that, the need to be me comes first. “I cant be anything to anyone if i am not everything to myself” – OAD.

Share your thoughts on our wedding obsessed country.

PS: If you own a business and you don’t cater to weddings, you might not be making money in this Nigeria. Maybe i should start featuring weddings (hahaha not in this lifetime abeg).




5 Comments on But why the Obsession with Weddings & Marriage…

  1. Ms Pink do you read minds? To add salt to injury, the so called couple’s won’t let us hear on social media, meanwhile the opposite is the case. I tire for my people jare with their need to always try to up the next person.


  2. When i saw that map yesterday i laughed out loud. wedding is really a profitable business.what i dont get is why someone will spend an amount which is equivalent to the cost of a house for wedding and then return to a rented apartment after the whole ceremony.

    the new one now is bridal showers. i see some pics and i cant help buy wonder how much it costs. i always thought bridal shower was a small event with close friends and a few aunties to give the bride gifts, advice and have fun before the money. my own sha is that nobody should come and meet me to contribute for any over the top party, i didnt send you to marry.


  3. I think this word pops up like a hundred times before the end of each day. Everyone is talking about wedding and everyone is asking the ultimate question ‘when are you getting married’? Nigerians are so obsessed with frivolity.


  4. The fact that it’s a big time money making industry is enough to keep the buzz going.


  5. All good comments.

    I’m not married but I get this question a lot, “When are you getting married”, to which I answer, “whenever HE asks”.

    I also remember the stupid argument I had with some of my junior colleagues in 2007. They said, no they believed that a woman’s life doesn’t start until she was married.

    Lets just say I wasn’t able to educate them as they weren’t willing to believe that marriage wasn’t the holy grail, hmmm to have ever been young and foolish which I never was.

    Its sad, Nigerian society breeds that into girls at an early age, marry right after uni and pump out children so you’ll be happy and normal.


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