Anger…Destroying Lives since….

So, we all know at least one or two people with anger management issues. Hell it might even be you, yes you I am pointing at you. I was watching TV yesterday after the very confusing day i had, and it was one of those cop shows- American things (Las Vegas Police show). The guy should have never been arrested as the offense he committed was minor. He would have been let go on a warning type technicality. The same guy turned around and further assaulted the person he was fighting right in front of the cop. So on this note they take him into the station, and book him as a class 2. They were planning to hold him in the station till he calmed down and then release him. Dude even had cuts on his face, when the station medics were trying to treat him, he ended up talking back and acting smart. Then one cop came to tell him to get up, and the guy refused again. So two cops picked him up off the floor where he had placed himself. That’s how dude attacked the officer oh. Ripped his pocket,and pretty much assaulted him. The dude was in handcuffs already at this point, so they put him in a restraining chair.

See how anger escalated a very mild situation to a misdemeanor and then to a felony? Assaulting a police office has been upgraded to felonies in many states in America. If the system isn’t willing to protect the police, many people wont join.  I for one used to be a “talker” when angry in my late teens and very early 20’s. The older i got, the quicker i realized that unless one is chemically imbalanced, there is no reason not to control your anger. Are you an animal? I stay away from people that “claim not to be able to control their anger”- in my mind at that point, you have refused to grow by working on yourself. You are not a goat, quit acting like one – go to therapy if you cant figure out what is causing you to lose control of yourself and your emotions. If you say there are no therapists in Nigeria, there are, but if it is not within price range – go t a pastor or Imam. I avoid someone who i grew up with for this very reason, I dislike people who chose not to control themselves. Anger has never mad anyone a better human being – IT IS DESTRUCTIVE! It is bad for your overall health, happy people thrive the most in life.

Do you believe in horoscopes? I do for the most part- my readings are almost always right. I am a Gemini, i don’t hold grudges for long, and i am very quick to say sorry  whether I am wrong or right- because i dislike conflict in my life. I have been that way since primary school.  The older i get, the less concerned I am about being right in an argument, i let people have a go at it, and move on. I do whatever it is i want to do anyway – whatever i think will make me sleep well at nite. Is your sign below accurate?


How do you feel about anger and grudges? And if you are currently working on anger issues, please share how you are doing it. Someone else might learn a thing or two.




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  1. I’m a taurus, but I do not have the typical taurus behaviour. Maybe it’s cos I’m a cusp sign.i do not even know how to hold grudges, I hate conflict and confrontation so I avoid anything that would take me there, and if I find myself there, no matter what goes down, once we’re done it’s forgotten. Except you really hurt me then I may forgive but never forget. Very few people can hurt me deeply tho, cos I don’t give anyone that power.


  2. I dont follow this horoscope thing im ashamed to say i dont even know my sign! this days, i tend to overlook alot of things, i cant come an die or be sad because of anybody. i dont know if its age.

    for those with anger issues, i will advise to walk a way for a while and cool off it the situation permits. its never wise to say whats on your mind when provoked.


  3. I’m an Aquarius and I can’t remember the last time I was angry. I don’t hold grudges either,I tell you I don’t like/want something and I move on. Who has time to be getting angry and pissed off for a long time? Certainly not me. My brain works around the clock,the only time it shuts down completely to rest is when I’m deeply asleep,so even when I’m resting it still working. So adding another irrelevant issue to it is sooo not on the waiting list. I let things go easily,even when I’m deeply hurt.


  4. Anger is a very terrible thing. It makes you miss a lot of good things sometimes. Many people have lost wonderful relationships to anger cos they have caustic tongues and its let loose when they’re angry. And then there the destructive type on anger, those ones that break stuff when they’re angry…

    My sign is Sagittarius. Although I don’t believe in horoscopes, this one is true. I would sulk for 2-3 days and work out all my anger on my own. I’ll be fine after the 3rd day and we can go back to status quo. I rarely get angry and when I do, I don’t shout or break things, in fact, sometimes if I’m too angry, I can start crying (very annoying). I’m generally very patient tho.


  5. I am a Capricon, I am not a grudge keeper, I will tell you on the spot if you offend me and its over.


  6. Horoscope though, I’m just on the fence sometimes it hit home other tines it’s a total miss!
    In my first year in the uni I was tagged aggressive,yes!
    Maybe I was, I knew because I was angry abt some many things at the time most of my classmates avoid getting into an argument with me and it hurt even when I just want a be playful they stay off cos I’m like a time bomb.
    Until I decided to stop being angry abt the things I can’t control.Life!
    Majorly all I do is to let whoever gets on my nerve know immediately what they have done and how unfair it is to me,cos I realised one of my many problems in curtailing my temper is the fact that I bottle up A Lot of things and then take out on on the person later which always turns out disastrous.this days I tend to find something funny in evry annoying situation before I goan give myself hbp at a young.
    Four years after I’m here and I try year after year to score myself on how far i’ve been able to manage m anger


  7. Cancer, but i don’t hold grudges.

    I tell you what is bothering me, if it can be fixed, we put things behind us and move on. If it can’t be fixed then I cut you off.

    In college I was known to cut quite a number of folks off (including some that were considered really close to me). If our core values are no longer aligned, then there’s no reason staying friends. All it will do is lead to many explosive moments which i no get power for.


  8. Mine and hubby’s should be interchanged. Mine is even lesser. As newlyweds, I noticed I was becoming an angry person due to his own anger issues but chose not to. I had to make conscious efforts to check myself and help him work on his. Still in progress though there’s good improvement.


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