We All Know This Person…

We all know that chronic liar/ boaster that everyone knows they are lying but they themselves. And you always just have to shake your head in amazement at the level of lies they have told, and how none of it adds up. There are some very obvious lies that you start to go haba but why. I know of someone who is mixed race but her parents are both Nigerians, lol. Apparently the mother went to play “away” match and then gave the man the baby. I am sure that man knew but the woman kept insisting it was his child. I also know of another woman that is married to a Greek man, and she had a daughter for him first and then it seems she played an away match because her second child is a full black child. She gave the child the man’s name too. Human beings are dynamic beings though, it reminds me of my dad when he would tell us growing up “if you think you are fooling me, you are only fooling yourself”. lol.

This guy in the picture has been trending on instagram and twitter. lol. You can certainly see why. The guy simply wanted to be a part of this weekend’s “dancing with the stars in the ring contest” – aka Pacman Vs. Mayweather.

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So in the past you would have to visit the person or do findings to figure out the grande story they told you was a big lie, or a bunch of lies put together. Now thanks to social media, people are getting in over their heads and dedicating their time to exposing these people. Ever wonder how the young lady who has no job or wealthy parents is always shouting “work Hard, hustle harder & play hardest” is always in Dubai every two weeks carrying LV shopping bags but has no tangible job? Well they are being exposed.

For the younger folks i wont even say “all that glitters isnt gold”, more like “nothing is as it appears, make sure you can touch it, feel it and examine it to make sure it actually even exists”.

Whats the most ridiculous lie you ever caught someone in?




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  1. Secondary school lies are the most hilarious. ie a school mate said she traveled to England for Christmas and only got back a day to school resumption. Not satisfied with sharing her news, she added that the shoes she had bought for us (her friends) had melted on the way to school. lol


  2. Like my friend will always say,quit hustling backwards because at the end of the day its really not going to worth it. You wanna fix a lace wig, then fix the real deal so you don’t end up looking Like a scarecrow. I don’t even let them settle with the lie before I say it to thief face that its a lie. Who has time for iranu(Rubbish).


  3. When I saw that image I almost died. I remember a friend always bragging about how rich they were, and how they have an olympic sized pool in their house. Well when some peeps visited him, wanting to see the pool he lied again that it was moved last week cos his dad wanted to upgrade it. To what size now, I shudder to imagine.


  4. That’s how Babe said she was dropped in school by BF, live in an high brow area in Lagos amongst other lies in 1st year. We are now in finals and we all know Babe aint shit.LOL
    She’ll buy something for one naira and call it 10naira. pffftttt!


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