Can She get an Abortion Please

So as usual i was reading the news and came across an article on child rape. A 10 year old child was raped and left pregnant by her step father in Paraguay.  You can read the story here. I was not only heart broken, but highly disgusted as to how the lives of women and children have been highly politicized mostly by men. A few violations against this poor child –

1. The rape within itself is a violation of her human rights.

2. Her being forced to a home for teenage mothers, in essence she is going to have to deliver that baby because of the laws of that land.

3. The people meant to protect her have essentially ruined her entire life.

The primary issue here for me are the rape and the inability for her to have an abortion.Should she have to go through the added trauma of pregnancy at age 10? Its hard enough that this child is a child on her own, but should she be forced to keep the evidence of what has essentially wrecked her life and have to look at it for the rest of her days?  Or are we just sitting and playing God in people’s lives?

Abortion is one of those things that i believe it should be a woman’s choice to make. In the case of this child, it should be assessed as to what the best way out of the situation is. Somehow i do not believe her healing will come or be aided in any part by her having that child.

In Nigeria you hear about young university girls 18 and 19 dying because they went to illegal abortion clinics. Yes if you weren’t aware – abortion is illegal in Nigeria. A lot of our sisters, friends, and girls who might even look up to you, they don’t necessarily know better are having abortions illegally. The high rate of illegal abortion in Nigeria can be linked to low sexual awareness and education (a topic for another day). You have 18 year old’s ending up dead on tables due to abortions performed by quack doctors. Some even end up infertile by the time the abortion is done if they are still alive. I have heard Nigerian women my age talk about how many abortions they had – i have heard as high as 10, meanwhile my American friends – 3 is the highest i have heard; because most clinics wont let you have more than two apparently and by the time they counsel you – you leave better informed (or too traumatized); reducing your chances of finding yourself in the same position. If you went to University in Nigeria – please tell us about the happenings during your time.

When i was in university, the amount of sex education they gave at my Alma Matter was ridiculous. It was even bad enough that if you wanted to test for STDs which were free or pregnancy – you could use a number instead of your name, and if you got diagnosed with something – you had to get re-tested with your government name and were treated for free. As for abortions, planned parenthood worked with many schools, to help educate young women on sexual health and pregnancy.

Rapes are going to happen – its inhumane, but some men cant seem to get that in their heads. Young people who have no sex education are going to continue having sex. Legalizing abortion is not endorsing abortion, but ensuring that people can make their choices in the most conducive environments. In Nigeria they are still having illegal abortions, the trade is underground- why not make it a proper medical procedure where the patient can have counseling after instead of leaving room open for her to go back to the quack and put her life at risk?

I am not throwing a “have an abortion party”, but lets be frank with ourselves; they are frequent and happening illegally thus putting women’s lives at risk. I am pro-woman – i am all for the right to choose dependent on your circumstances. I believe in creating access and tools for women to make informed decisions.

Please share your thoughts on the matter of the 10 year old Paraguayan girl and abortion in general. I know abortion is an extremely sensitive topic- but i would like to hear your take on the matter.





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  1. I was pro-life until today
    I learnt 214 girls rescued from BH are pregnant
    I wept cried and I still haven’t gotten over it
    For the first time in my life, I feel they should all go through mandatory abortions.
    I am ashamed to even think about this.
    I really can’t help it maybe I’m being too emotional
    I’ll be back….


    • Brown I respect your honesty… sometimes we approach matters from a black and white perspective and begin to see it as grey when such events occur.


  2. I saw this story a day or two ago and I must say, I was confused as to what the right or appopriate step should have been.

    As much as I am pro-life, the circumstances of the pregnant 10 year old child raises deeper thinking.

    I think she should only have the child if the pregnancy nor delivery process would not jeopardize her life. If she feels otherwise, she should be allowed to make her choice (abortion).


  3. Legalizing abortion is not the solution to the problem miss pynk. Proper education and awareness is.

    It breaks my heart that this little girl has to go through this horrific experience… is having the child not even detrimental to her health sef… I mean are there no medical complications that can arise from carrying this baby to full term and even birthing the baby. It’s just sad.


  4. This is so sick. A 10 year old child. I’m so pained. I am above. 30 years and after 2 kids I just don’t want to attempt getting pregnant. It’s a blessing, YES, but it ain’t fun most times.

    This child will be scarred for life whichever option is given to her, but I rather she is. Allowed to abort that child.

    Same with the 214 girls recently released from boko haram camp.

    I don’t know how what to say. It pierces my heart to hear their stories.

    When I did my medical as an undergrad, I was advised by one of the doctors not to indulge in sexual activities cos of the high rate of hiv +ve status among young guys an girls. I just didn’t bother dating at all.

    I was also very lucky to escape a rape incident that happened in my hostel back then.


  5. Mrs Fab // May 5, 2015 at 03:02 // Reply

    This is a really sad situation. Even though I’m pro life, I won’t blame the child/children if an abortion is done. Their bodies are too young to go through this. I remember a documentary on early pregnancy and the side effects. It was VVF. Young girls going about with catethers and urine bags because their bladders lost control. God help us in this wicked world.


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