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I am tired. Workers day; a day where the roads should be free and folks actually enjoying their three day weekend, instead we are in petrol queues at the mercy of MOMAN. The guy in front of you is not your enemy, neither is the guy selling you black market fuel; which according to my mother he probably “urinated” in just to increase his margins. Woe betide you if you can afford to buy black market fuel and have to fix a knocked engine shortly after. If you are even desperate enough to gamble and buy 30 litres at N10,000. I drive a jeep with a V6 engine and it costs me about N8,000 give or take to fill my tank on a regular day.

So in all this, you decide to cut out all unnecessary “waka” and stay home. Our darling DISCOs (not nite-club oh) then refuse to give us light. You go ahead to think oh yeah, there is the generator – which will give you light. In the Nigerian spirit, you go ahead and attempt to put it on, till you get to it and realize your Jerry can is half full. You really don’t know when they are going to start selling fuel, so either you gamble and turn on the “gen” or you play it safe and sit around in the dark. Woe betide you, you don’t have an inverter? Why? Oh i forgot your salary was barely enough to live a decent life.

So after all this pray tell your phone battery is on 88%, you decide to browse the internet to entertain yourself. And oh guess what? Your internet signal is dancing like a prostitute in Bangkok who you cant decipher whether or not she used to be a man, or is even still a man masquerading as a woman. You call your network service provider, they tell you – Miss Pynk, our network is currently experiencing challenges, we are working on the problem. They assure you that the Samsung S5 you used almost one month salary to purchase isn’t the problem its actually their network. You call up one of your friends in IT to complain, then the person tells you all the four networks share the same undersea cable. So its not exactly worth it switching networks.

You start praying for miracles – in Nigeria our miracles are everyday human rights in the developed countries in the world. Light supply for 10 hours out of 24 is a miracle. Another miracle is if  MOMAN – (if you dont know what it means- Google it) demi gods will decide to start selling the fuel they are holding in their tanks. The next miracle we are hoping for is that those in Aso Rock have finished eating their dinner consisting of Louboutin Designer Rice and Gucci stew which was flown in on a private jet and transported to Aso Rock by Rolls Royce, have deemed it fit to pay the marketers they owe.

God is not man that we are crediting normal human rights to him as miracles. He has to be offended with us by now. He gave us all the same size brains with our counterparts in the west. So why are we so evil to ourselves? Why do we not understand the concept of a working society?

Ok So in January 2015, the retail pump price of petrol was N89.84 (without the subsidy) or so while brent crude 20 day average was $69.67 Why is the fuel subsidy even still in place considering that brent crude ber barrel is now $66.52? So a few things. Brent crude is sort of the standard indicator price for the entire market if you were wondering.

1. The actual N87 pump price is a scam – if the retail price was N90 in essence at a higher Brent price point in January, why the hell is there still a subsidy in April?

2. Free the markets up so that agberos can leave the rest of us Nigerians in peace. Allow only people who are serious and not those who are getting fat off useless contracts play in the market. Whoever can supply product will sell. whoever cant should get out.

3. So pretty much oil is less than N87 per litre as we speak, but we dont have fuel because we have a subsidy at an inflated price and people are holding us hostage.

4. Nigerian leaders if you kill off all your people, there will be no one to govern. take note.

Are you angry yet? Because i Know i am. All i am asking for is my basic human rights here. I pay for service and i am willing to pay for services, so what gives? So who is the enemy in all this?






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  1. Lmaooo @ Your internet signal is dancing like a prostitute in Bangkok… I disagree with ur friend tho. Err… Etisalat has the best internet service.. up until recently but it’s still up and it’ll get better in a short while. So if they are your ISP, just be patient biko.

    I was livid when I heard some filling stations… emphasis on filling stations not black market are selling fuel @ 300 naira per litre.

    Miss pynk… thank God you’re informed enough to know that this subsidy is a big scam! they should just remove it patapata and free up the market. How can a group of people hold us hostage and they are scamming us on top. The whole thing just tire me. Like its just very annoying and frustrating. Greedy and evil leaders with no fear of God. I’m just tired of ranting.

    Luckily, momsy bought 30 litres of fuel for us on monday and filled her tank(thank God she always does) if not. She won’t be able to drive around as she has been doing… besides it’s almost finished sef. So at least we can fuel the gen.. as we don’t even have inverter sef. Lol

    *sigh* I pray the change is real. I can’t wait for a better Nigeria. I sooo can’t wait!

    Meanwhile.. miss pynk, I can sell 25 litres to you @ 25,000… my own is 1k per litre! lol. If filling stations can be selling theirs @ 300.. my “grey” market is 1k… lol. It is well with Nigeria!


  2. I have been pissed off since the beginning of this week,first by Nepa then the supposed fuel scarcity. Its really pathetic when the country has it in abundance YET we still suffer for it. I practically had to beg a miscreant for fuel today on top my money o Smh. I hope The change we seek will deliver us. Ranting just gives me headache so No, I won’t rant.


  3. Shame really, where we could have been and where we are presently. Hopefully things will change, and fast too.


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