What Are You Worth?

What are you worth? Do you know your worth? I have been attempting to schedule interviews for several positions and situations. Don’t worry, I am not hiring for anything that you want. After having close to 10 conversations this morning, only two people left me feeling somewhat pleased. And i don’t consider myself a hard to please person.

Some of the positions I was speaking with the people for are as follows – Housekeeper ( with and with no children), assistant baker, and the use of a certificate to register a business (and the person will be employed in the business as a regular staff, in addition to payment fr use f the certificate). I got all sorts of rabid requests and i started to wonder, half of these people are either not ready to work or really do not no their worth.

One of the housekeepers for the one without children asked for N40k for monthly salary. I asked her if she could read- no, write – no and she said she doesn’t wash clothes either. So i asked her why she should be paid that much when she is not caring for children and will be provided with food and accommodation and she went mute.  If you are going to open your mouth to ask for something, better be able to defend it. I was thoroughly put off, because outside of cleaning for max 3 hours a day, she is of no use.

The next person who someone wanted to use their license asked for a million per year. I just had to shake my head. The particular license/ certificate in question goes for maybe N200,000; if that much for the year. The guy has been unemployed for several years. And has been pounding the concrete looking for work. I recommended him simply because a mutual party pushed his CV to me that he needed a job.

Nobody is God and maybe this is a mentality created by poverty. In Nigeria i have noticed the initial desire to do a mad grab for money without looking at the possibilities ahead. The guy lost out on a chance to make money and get a job, the housekeeper lost out on potential to be better. Who knows if the person she was to work with would have encouraged and supported her into doing something that would benefit her in her time off?

I am truly starting to think that people really do not know their worth or are just desperate and operating from a poverty mindset.

I moved back to Nigeria on 15% of my previous salary because i wanted to learn about a certain industry, and i coped and did it for 2.5 years straight. In fact the amount of brokenness i went through in that period, only God can describe it. Because i could barely afford much; now i run my own consultancy – that job is a big part of what helped me understand the Nigerian market. That combined with my prior 7 years of building actual analytical and managerial experience. I left the middle East as a deputy head of department and came into Nigeria as entry level. And people will tell you that you are lucky when in actuality they wouldn’t have settled for the stuff you did.

Please share your opinion on the two cases i have stated above. Do you believe a lot of people know their worth? Do you know your own worth? I am not talking sentiments – i am talking from a skill set standpoint and industry rates. Are you aware of the salary and benefits commiserate with your education and experience level? Or are you frustrating potential employers or career styled relationships without realizing it?





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  1. Like I always tell people sometimes you have to learn first before you Earn. Most people don’t want to learn they just want to make Money. Money is good,Yes but if your employer rates your skill how much are you worth??? I have had to work and not get a dime,not because I didn’t want money,No but because I needed the skill as a springboard to something I really wanted,so I had to go to that company every morning with my own cash. Everyone is looking for money now so basically no one wants to stay and learn. You can’t impress people with too much grammar if you don’t have anything in your head.


  2. The guy that asked for a million naira,he’s going to keep looking for job obviously he doesn’t know what he wants yet. For you to have a license and you were contacted,you shouldn’t even think of the instant profit. If its going to be used for a long period of time then he should think of gradual profit not instant profit.
    The housekeeper is going to get a job no doubt about that,there are several people who really needs one but then she would soon become their boss, people like that don’t get to keep their jobs,the demands will be high and she would be back on the street.


  3. Talikhi // May 1, 2015 at 17:15 // Reply

    People these days just worru about money and nothing else..the benefits, things learnt n also opportunities that may come along in the long run should be considered and not just money
    Right now am trying to increase my self worth…its necessarily important


  4. I believe judging these cases in isolation wouldn’t give us a good picture of things. The society conditions one to prize money as the foremost concern hence it would only take a learned and well educated person to see the ultimate goal and understand that money isn’t the only pathway to achieving that goal.

    I think for the proposed house-help, if she had a good character, performed well in meeting the day-to-day requirements of the job and also agreed to a reduced pay,you could make her see the other benefits (learning and developmental opportunities) you could provide for her. Truth is that if you continue looking for someone who can market himself/herself well for an househelp, your search might not end.

    As to your other questions, I’m inclined to believe most people underestimate their self worth. This is largely a function of the society called Nigeria as it puts little value on life, human dignity and also fundamental human rights.

    To a large extent, yes I know my self-worth. Life everyday brings me new discoveries and the fact that I am more capable than I think I am.


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