Lessons Ought to be Learnt

What am I talking about? I am talking about the Indonesian executions. Despite the uproar and the world pretty much condemning the act, the Indonesian government went ahead to execute eight out of the nine prisoners. Some of these people had been arrested as far back as 2001. Think about it, the child born in 2001 is almost ready to go to University.

I particularly picked up on a few things. I will list them below

1. Drug trafficking doesn’t pay, well at least not to Asia. Get rich people and desperado’s take note.

2. Nigerians seem to be Ignorant about drug trafficking rules. Apart from those they executed, there are other Nigerians on the list. Put mildly, there are Nigerian prisoners in any country there are Nigerians. Nigerians check yourselves, stop disgracing us for money that cannot guarantee you a future. Better yet stay back in Nigeria and run for elected office, the money you would make in a few months will change your life. No joke.

3. Nigerian government like its people like to do beggy beggy. They won’t save your life if you traffic drugs oh. Take note and learn well.

4. Whatever it is you are planning on doing abroad, pay close enough attention – you can do it here in Nigeria. Abroad is not the answer to all life’s problems especially if you are migrating illegally.

5. Australia is a “Bawse”! I tip my hat to them. Indonesian has executed several Australians in the past, but this time around they recalled their Ambassador. The argument was that the prisoners had reformed in the years they had spent in prison. That is what i call standing up for yourself.

Lastly while I don’t agree with the executions – the death sentence, those rules were in place before these people smuggled drugs. Whatever is Caesar’s must be given to Caesar. My primary issue with drug traffickers as with many other criminals is that they don’t stop to consider the devastating effects their actions when successful has on the greater society.

May the eight executed truly find peace wherever they end up spiritually. The Nigerians are Messrs Martin Anderson, Okwudili Oyatanze, Jaminu Abashin and Sylvester Obiekwe.


I have visited prisons in Thailand and I tell you, Nigerians are plentiful there, we need to do better as a people. If you are somewhat curious a good site is Prisoners Abroad – they monitor mostly British prisoners overseas.


I hope you like the new look of the site? Still doing some back- end work – but I am a bit more relaxed now.

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  1. They never listen. They know the rule of the land but they go against it. Their greed is high. For everyone caught, there are still some who are roaming free. I remember when I was serving, some yahoo guys found it difficult to stop. Each time they wanted to, someone hit it big. They then convince themselves that their next one might be it so they shouldn’t give up. I think the same thing might be happening to these drug pushers. It’s a pity though. God rest their souls. Love the blogs new look.


    • Mrs Fab, some of theme must be getting through for others to keep attempting it


      • Mrs Fab // May 1, 2015 at 01:41 // Reply

        I agree. Not all the drug pushers are caught so they psyche themselves they will be among the lucky ones. All in a bid to make fast money!! They don’t think about the lives they ruin.


  2. I wonder about those who never knew it was in their luggage. What about the innocent ones?


    • Enjay i dont carry load for anybody except my siblings and my husbands siblings. All others is a definite no go. My dad almost innocently carried one of those wood carvings back in the days on behalf of someone and my mom told him not to. They opened it and it was filled with cocaine. They quietly put it back together, waited till my dad got back from his trip and told the person he forgot to pack it and then returned it.


  3. U know as much as I understand their rule I still believe in second chances,they were reformed for crying out!! Meth has more effect and can mess someone up faster than most drugs and it can be prepared easily. Lets look at the problems


    • CC i do understand what you are saying. AS Indonesia however is a sovereign nation, we must respect their laws. My Stance on the legalization of drugs and prostitution changes often in terms of legalizing them – there would be less crime and less need for trafficking them. While it works in theory, will it work in practice?


      • Exactly the point. You have to respect the laws of the state or country you are in. Don’t come and cry foul when you are caught and made to face the full wrath of the law then start talking reforms, second chances et all what not. Truth be told… I hope they found God before they were executed and they get into heaven… beyond that… o well.

        Meanwhile, I learnt some of them bribed their way out and the ones being executed couldn’t for whatever reason so their justice system has k-leg(don’t they all) anyway.. I hope others learn and desist from this evil and despicable act.

        Meanwhile miss pynk.. @ your advice “Better yet stay back in Nigeria and run for elected office” you’re encouraging corruption okwaya?! Lol! Kontinu!


  4. As much as I know we have to respect their laws, but I feel we should empower people so they make better choices,if there was no market there it won’t be attractive,anyone that has internet can cook up something in their homes using easily fou nd chemicals. Killing traffickers doesn’t solve the problem.


  5. Talikhi // May 1, 2015 at 17:08 // Reply

    Nigerians we are the reason for all our troubles
    I dnt know why people dnt just listen
    I love the new look


    • I don’t know ooo… they will now catch them and people would start pitying and asking the government to do something.
      If your child steals in school, would you be proud to show your face to go and plead on the child’s behalf. You’ll be too ashamed to even beg them to reduce whatever punishment they deemed fit to give the child. thats how I think the govt should feel when they plead for leniency. These people have disgraced and embarrassed the nation. Giving it a bad name.


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