Working to Improve

Hello community. I have been working on the site, to improve our overall experience visually.

Kindly bear with me as i attempt to overhaul the site. And if you visit and can’t find any posts, it means i deleted them by accident and have sunk into depression. At that point, kindly start praying for me. The site should be fully – beautified by April 30th. Expect Roses, cupcakes and other goodies when you visit again.




7 Comments on Working to Improve

  1. Okay we await the transformation 🙂


  2. Beautiful! It keeps getting better! 🙂 kudos to you.


  3. LOL! Please don’t mistakenly delete the posts o…

    I haven’t been here in a while and I almost got lost this morning… the blog’s looking good tho. I’ll hold you to that cupcake and goodies promise o.

    Have a fab day ma’am


  4. My only comment is a lot of the images you are using are low quality so whilst the look and feel of the site is improving the low res images are undoing some of the good work

    I know you didn’t ask for suggestions but just thought i’d chip in any way


    • Lol. Uranon thanks. I have tried to work on the pictures i noticed the quality. I hope you have a better experience here going forward


  5. Well done Pynk


  6. chukwukadibia // May 1, 2015 at 13:06 // Reply

    A Woman’s Journey! NY Born, Lagos Bred, Jamaica seasoned, NY buttered, Iraqi Fried, Dubai Served, Now Lagos Living!…hahahahaha.this profile got me there,or has it always been like this? Nice profile..


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