Learn how to have hot sex!

Hahaha, i havent gone mad, but the slightly judgemental part of my personality believes some people have indeed gone mad. So i decided to sneak onto facebook like i usually do, since i am really too lazy to call anybody and pretty much attempt to stay current.

Frankly based on some people’s updates and tags, i can tell you where they went the last 3 days, what they ate and possibly even what they wore. Yes social media has made people so self centric that they will post their every action. So as i was browsing through the updates, i noticed one person got married, another person had lost 51 pounds,  someone else was gifted her first Hermes scarf and another person went to a John Legend concert.

Imagine the shock on my face when i saw a celebration of three years of celibacy? First of all i was confused because it was  a party, like get together party type thing. Imagine my amazement, when everyone was also commenting on the party posts and she even did a mini post on her decision to be celibate.

I am not against celibacy, neither am I against pre-marital sex. I simply say be valid about your reasons for doing  anything. I dont need to know if you are having sex 10 times a day or of you haven’t  had any in 3 years. Its a private matter and i think social media is helping people lose their minds fast. Next thing these same folks would be complaining about haters and people in their personal business.

I dont need to know if your vagina has been partying like Ibiza on cocaine, neither do I need to know if it hasn’t been watered like the Middle Eastern desert in Iraq. Keep matters pertaining to your private parts private!

Please share your thought on this oversharing phenomenon that folks seem to have going on.



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  1. Hahahahahaaha I just had to laugh after reading, for real? What is she celebrating? Social media brings out the ‘silliness’ in people. So those that haven’t had sex at all should also celebrate 20 something years of chastity. Orishirishi


  2. hahhahhahhahah celibacy party indeed. the things people do this days all to stay relevant. may God deliver this generation. shebi someone put a picture of him taking a dump in burj al arab. anything is possible this days sha. my own is just to sit down, look and laugh


  3. Hopefully you did not comment on the post before they call you a hater.


  4. This one pass me ooo, LOL
    I tell most of people around me. Keep ur personal life personal, when you air your laundries in the public you give people opportunities to be all up in ur bizness.
    I have the same ideology with you abt pre-marital sex, it’s nobody’s business jare. Whatever you have done or haven’t done keep it to your self.
    Except you are anonymous, 😀


  5. It’s so weird how people put so much of their life out there. I don’t get it. Must we know everything about u? I respect celebrities who can differentiate between their public and private lives. Everything put out on social media stays forever. Even when deleted by the person, it’s always backed up somewhere on the Internet. if you need to share, make sure it’s something that can’t be used against you or even cause problems in the future.


  6. @ OAD, you are a true born naija bred

    LOL @ “I dont need to know if your vagina has been partying like Ibiza on cocaine, neither do I need to know if it hasn’t been watered like the Middle Eastern desert in Iraq”

    Social media has cause a lot of bruhaha. I hardly visit facebook myself cos the things you see, serious orishiirishii.

    Well said. OAD.


  7. christabel // April 28, 2015 at 23:11 // Reply

    Facebook is now synonymous with drama, small time we go dey see things like in the toilet of Eko hotels as a status update, no be small orishirishi


  8. Social media has and is still making people lose their mind s n i think it is pathetic
    Somethings should always stay private if you ask me


  9. Pynk you got me running here to learn how to have hot sex.. lolll. As per the real subject, i feel the celebration is to draw attention of “worthy” patronage. Or how else does one justify celebrating celibacy on social media. The freedom of speech mantra is driving people nuts


  10. SMH… The things we see on social media tho..

    I don’t understand why your life’s story should be news for the whole world to see. I hardly do anything of facebook except watch Steve Harvey’s videos but the things you see ehn.. Instagram is another funny/crazy realm


  11. www.thelmathinks.com // April 30, 2015 at 22:45 // Reply

    OAD you don’t NEED to know but I WANT you to know that my vagina has been partying like Ibiza on cocaine. Hahahahaha. Well I won’t point fingers at the party thrower, I don’t know her story. I used to talk about being celibate because I find that I AM the best illustration I sometimes have, generally speaking. The angle always was inspirational or educational. In sharing (the reason behind) my choices, the challenges I faced, the things I lost, but more importantly the things I gained, I was able to reach, touch and teach some people. And that’s reward enough for me. I never imagined the extent till I had people contacting me and saying words that I hadn’t expected or imagined. Suffice it to say that it made it all worth it.

    That said, I no longer share certain aspects of my life, for a multitude of reasons. One of which is that I was freer to share when my blog was a tiny community. But I find that the bigger it grows, the less about me I want to share.


    • Well Thelma you have made me view it from a different standpoint- i never thought about from a sharing – it is possible to do this type approach. Having a party for it struck me as odd. Sometimes virgins and celibate people can come across as sanctimonious as in that view its hard to wonder why self control or the lack thereof is worth celebrating. Thanks for giving it a new perspective.


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