But Why? Is it by Force to Marry?

So as usual, i was reading the news. Marriage is like a plague in Nigeria. Why is Zamfara state paying n400 million for 200 weddings? Do the math, that is N200,000 per wedding. what is the money going towards? And why is the state sponsoring these weddings? They put it under one of the tenets of Sharia Law, someone please educate me. Why does the state have any business in paying for weddings for those who cannot pay for them?

Lets think about something, half of those “brides” can start small scale businesses with N50,000 or less. Many can learn trades such as tailoring, teaching or small scale production. Likewise the men can be empowered for less than N200,000 per person. Now who will take care of the offspring of these unions? or the poverty cycle will continue? Rumor has it that Boko Haram pays its fighters N2000 per day, thats N60,000 per month if you add the weekends. SO can a tailor not almost match that if they are well trained and ambitious?

I think these state governments come up with non-sustainable ways to give to their people. It just reeks of ridiculousness, because i am sure someone is profiteering off these mass weddings. I am for charity, but charity that creates dependence makes minimal impact. Empowerment on the other hand goes a longer way and can sustain generations. I also know for a fact that if you see a poor man, he has a poorer woman sitting at home. They people should approach the likes of Leap Against Poverty (LAPO) and see how they can empower their populations as it translates to greater economic prosperity for all involved.



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  1. These folks do not care about empowernment. They are not interested in feeding their constituents for life. Their power is in making these constituents come back for more.

    If these leaders teach their people how to fish, they lose their power. Now if they continually give them 1 fish here, 1 fish there, they remain saviors. Sad truth


  2. I think this story just depicts the Nigerian story – carrying out gargangtuan and unsustainable well publicized projects. 400 million is a whole lot of money in this current economic clime, yet our government still looks for silly money gulping endeavours to embark upon. I am at a loss for words if I had to say how I feel about this wasteful achievement.


  3. christabel // April 17, 2015 at 20:56 // Reply

    Marriage again I say is not a criteria for entering into heaven. Pls @ chris are u synonymous with Chrisyinks from TTB


  4. I’ve been busy all day. Though I read the post earlier, I refreshed again as usual to read comments and comment, then I see it….. 🙂 it’s wonderful. I like. I love. Kudos to you, Pynk! Seeing you in the comment section, giving the blog a new lovely look…., warm bear hugs.


  5. Well done on the new look on the blog. It can only get better.

    I am deeply passionate about the cause for young girls in Nigeria and Africa. @ large.

    In my line of work I come across a lot of craziness. The main issues I get to deal with in the 21st century is the high level of ignorance among the poor. Our educational system needs to be improved yes, but awareness to care givers, parents an guardians of these girls néed urgent attention.

    One way to go is to involve community leaders to hold/organize town hall meetings to educate them.

    The daunting factor is that the leaders want this people to continue living in perpetual ignorance.

    On a different note, I’m thinking of. Vacationing in several places Oyina, one of the places on my mind is Zanzibar (thanks to you, I’m curious to visit).

    Any pointers to take note of?


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