She is Running Away (Asylum)

Unless you have been living under rocks or cement blocks, you would have heard by now. According to Sahara Reporters, our very own Diezani alison-madueke is running away and seeking asylum. She was allegedly denied by 6 countries, maybe they meant asylum like the mental institution. All this over the missing monies. I love how Sahara Reporters sometimes publish their articles, its like trying to add a telemundo soap opera to a Yoruba movie, to a Bollywood movie. It makes absolutely no sense.

Now take note that i have made no mention of stolen monies or missing funds. I cant speak on that because while monies are alleged to be missing, are they really missing or simply misappropriated or redirected into personal accounts? I am sure there is a trail, there is no such thing as missing money, money cant just walk. But back to Honorable Minister ( she is honourable until proven otherwise), she is allegedly trying to run.

Asylum applications are likely to be private and not a matter of public records. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. Secondly, a woman with her level of education and professional experience does not need asylum. She can buy herself citizenship, even in America. Half of the Eurozone is for Sale, so is a good portion of the carribean islands to get a passport by simply investing in their economy. And if all that fails, Dubai is always available. She has so many options, asylum is the poor man’s escape, so is cross dressing, i think Alams, was it? And Ibori who stole and went to Dubai and London.

I am simply saying anything worth doing is worth doing well. A good thief must understudy the act of stealing, likewise someone who is looking for a destination with tons of cash and assets must know their real options. Sahara reporters please stop telling us the soup has cooked, meanwhile there is only “kpomo” in the pot. We want beef, chicken, shaki and assorted meat- a correct pot of soup.

We wont know the truth about the “missing money” at least not until after May 29th if we ever find out. So till then, we shall wait and see. I am not for against the Honourable Minister, I would simply like the truth or at least a palatable version of it at some point in the next few years.

I dont think anyone is seeking asylum, but i believe someone if not many need an asylum (the roof under which the mentally challenged are housed)!



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  1. As much as I want this woman relieved of her post,the idea of seeking asylum in six different countries didnot sink well when I read it online. She is just too rich to do that and even if she’s trying to run away,which might not be far from the truth,it just doesn’t make sense for her to go through the ‘asylum’ channel.
    The truth about the missing money is going to come out when power changes hand after may 29,I hope she’s prepared.


  2. Honestly, the money your parents spent on your education did not come to waste.
    You’re objective in your thinking and I just had to drop you a line.
    The bulk of Nigerians love beer parlor gist, bandwagon effect with a failure to reason things out.
    I’m hopeful for our generation with your ilk.
    Many people that aren’t worth what this woman is alleged to be worth have bought citizenship in choice countries of this world just by investing a stipend.its absurd why people sit down and concoct untrue stories, it beats my imagination.
    Btw, you have a good blog here, you’ve earned a fan!
    Have a good one!


  3. I also don’t believe the asylum stories. I do think she will make an attempt to flee the country at some point but like you have rightly stated, she’s too rich to go the asylum way. I do want her to pay for her misdeeds though. Too much misappropriation of funds happened under her watch either by her or her staff. We still argued her matter at work this morning.

    Any ways, come post May 29th, if Buhari does as expected, we will know the truth.


    • Ibk lets be objective, did she mis-appropriate on her own behalf? I suspect she didnt and only consumed the crumbs from the masters table. In this case the crumbs might be larger than the masters share since she was the one who cooked the meal and placed it in the table. Powers higher than her are involved in the dealings, she is just the face behind the sham.


  4. the whole asylum story really didnt make sense to me, i mean shes so rich that she can live in any country. but then some argued that even though she could live in another country she could still face conviction hence the asylum. the laws concerning asylum and residency are not clear to me so i cant really say.

    also i dont think she has been found guilty of the misappropriation of funds. so why will she run now.

    i agree with J, your content is what keeps me coming. you do a wonderful job here.


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