Marriage to the Devil’s Spawn

No no no before you go around feeling sorry for me, i am not married to the Devil’s spawn, but some people might as well be.

Nigeria has this air that has to be polluted heavily with metals that impair brain function. You read sob marriage stories and you begin to wonder- what did they know before they married their partner? And are they creating an environment that’s akin to hell which makes the Devil’s spawn thrive at their own expense?

What am i talking about you may ask? Well think about this scenario..guy meets girl, all roses are red etc. After one month dude wants to marry her. She has never met any of his family members, he controls all her activities etc. Red flag right? Yes. But her polluted brain doesnt alert her something is wrong. Dude is unemployed she pays his rent and decides after the first time he slaps her that she cannot leave the house she rented for him. She has invested too much and she is 28 already. Mmmm. The future investment she has to make is not of concern to her, her polluted brain only thinks of what she has spent so far and not what she is yet to spend over a much longer period.

I was talking to someone a while back and casually i said oh xyz is getting married. What i got was laughter in return, it was categorised as the “devil’s spawn” (the bride) meeting the male gold digger (the groom). Harsh criticism?  Highly likely, but who am i to judge? I have heard similar things from about 5 to 10 people of the so called bride…but thats none of my business. Apparently few people can see from the outside the situation isnt going to be harmonious? Are people often wrong when it comes to these things? And if two acidic personalities come together and stay together in discord- does that qualify as a marriage?

I asked the last question because i am of the opinion that two married people who are tolerating each other are merely roomates joined by a peice of paper without their hearts being in it. You find many people in this polluted environment go on about being married for 10, 30 etc years but they cant tell you what their spouse enjoys doing, cant tell you what their spouses last meal was, what color their spouse’s toothbrush is…etc. while those arent good marriage  examples,  i guess they are still marriages, no?

Now it comes to the next question for mostly women. Single working class women 25 and over. If you are doing well by yourself, why willingly put yourself in a messy situation with a never do good?
Perspective: some women are better off as single parents than being married. Yes i said it, sue me. There are many irresponsible men on the market and between their mothers and the women they date, no one is holding them accountable. While fingers are not equal, where is it written that a woman supports a man? Support in my mind is give and take. Its not a one sided affair truly. So what gives?

Who do we blame for the unnecessary pressure to marry? Who do we blame for the irresponsible men? Who do we blame for woman who is keen to overburde  herself just to get a husband?

I am merely asking. You look at some people and just wonder if they are better off living single than they are being married.



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  1. Nice post. The individual, Parents, Society, Religion, Peer group etc are blamed. These days people see marriage as a do or die affair.


  2. christabel // April 13, 2015 at 17:56 // Reply

    My much younger cousin who is barely 20 got married last week and since then my mother’s prayer point has become’God please give my daughters good husband’, mind u she is still in a FCE, while I graduated frm uni 3yrs ago. Marriage is good but one thing I knw is that it is not for everybody but my parents and the society won’t want to hear that… There are many successful women who are not married and there are also so many married women who are living in pain and regret , so I have decided to live my life not minding what my parents and the society thinks cos the last time I checked marriage is not a criteria for making heaven… All I need now is a good job and spiritual growth(love- the agape)…hmmm pardon my epistle…Liawn


    • Christable, dont mind those people. Everybody’s time and destiny are different. I think 20 is young, but truly only God has these answers.


  3. True talk Ms lily
    All the predicament of women from time immemorial weighs heavily on the society, family and religion. So much pressure is put on a lady but not much on the guys, which make most men see themselves has a trophy a lady has to work for and when earned has ti be treated with out most care so it doesn’t get broken, the society dictates and pressures the lady until she yields and the one who doesn’t is marked as defiant and wayward.


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