What Do You Care About?

In this deprived and depraved environment called Nigeria, half the time in our lives we spend scheming on how to make money to have a better quality of life. Can anyone really be blamed? Who wants to sleep without power or have to spend 4 hours daily in traffic to get to and from work?
Half the time, when all the effort is added up, very little is left of lives and the said paycheck.

I keep searching for the things i care about, all things being equal. To be quiet frank, on some days i can swear on my unborn first child that i know what my purpose on this earth it. Then when PHCN takes my light and he inverter is shouting like a mammy water disposessed of her belongings in the lagos lagoon, i am no longer sure.

You see i have also concluded that there is nothing wrong with me on the whole. Apparently we generally all go through these motions. However we dont necessarily have the time to consider our feelings, given all the other struggles we have to contend with in a town such as Lagos.

Some people say Lagos brings out the best in people? I disagree, it tends to help the uglier and nastier sides of our personalities which are manaageable under normal circumstances. The selfish, untrusting, self centered part of my personality come out in lagos.

I will list the things I care  about in no particular order. I care about helping people, even if it just putting a smile on their face, i like giving stuff out because for me its an implication of spiritual and emotional growth; being able to let go. I like teaching, especially children and the elderly- the lightbub effect that goes into it. Nothing more rewarding that helping someone learn. I also care about learning.

What do you care about? I dont mean the obligatory- like your husband, parents etc. I mean actions that make you feel fulfilled.



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  1. Hmmmm what do I care about??? I’m the most ‘unserious’ person in my house,lol not because I don’t worry about things but I just don’t let them get to me. Once There’s a challenge and I can’t get ahead of it,I let it go.
    The things that gives me sleepless night this days is my project which is based on helping the less privilege,helping the hard to reach communities with immediate provisions,the smile on these people face is just priceless it makes you wonder what exactly is the point of having so much,when you can use a penny to brighten someone’s day. These are the things I care about.


  2. Everything you care about except teaching children/elderly. Ohh I also care about Nigeria, broken as it may appear to be.


  3. i love helping people who are in need, it gives me great joy, i cant really explain the feeling. but it breaks my heart when they try to take advantage of me.
    i have been the one that people turn to for advise when in trouble. i think i’m blessed with what to say in time of troubles. i love encouraging people.

    as for the purpose thing, i’m figuring it out day by day but sometimes i just get tired and begin to doubt myself.


  4. I care about giving, empowering the female child, Multiple Sclerosis


  5. Anything concerning orphans and widows gets me!


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