Oh Jiggle Bees

Jiggle Jiggle Jiggle bees. So fresh so fresh so fresh! My other mama, my mentor (she doesnt know about our relationship obviously) running for the President of the United States.  She has announced, i am committed to voting this time around. At least my life is not at “rix”. I am an independent but i tend to lean Democratic. When i was making small change i was Leaning Republican. This thing called life.

So why do i like/ love/borderline worship Hillary? She has composure,  despite all the people who have tried to put her under the bus including her husband who was thinking with his “dee”- instead of his brain. And the Benghazi Libya brouhaha. She is a super accomplished lawyer to top it off. She is a woman that stands a chance of winning.


I will bring my commentary on the Nigerian Gubernatorial elections once the results have all been announced. Likely tomorrow.



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  1. So happy for the democracts, she is undoubtedly the best person that stands winning the Presidency for the democrats. She also ranks as one of the most liked political figures in America. A woman president for America would be a first, A woman president of the world. Guess Bill will know be referred to as ‘First husband’. Now the Bushes or whoever the republicans field can take back stage.

    PS: this kinda reminds me of the series 24 and the woman president cast of America.


  2. She’s super ambitious. Unrelenting, despite all odds. I admire her too.


  3. I like her personality.


  4. I love love love Hillary Clinton. She is the epitome of Girlpower, (womanpower)

    #girlpower rocks.

    I hope she wins


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