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This is not a paid or sponsored ad. When www.pynk360.com gets that big all the members will know. Lol.

Do you have a lot of old things you dont know what to do with? Bags of rice left over from christmas? Cartons of noodles sitting around your house for whatever reason? Well now is your chance to gather all the items and declutter your house. On a personal note, i am going to declutter my mothers house later this week. Remember when you give people things, you also feel better about yourself (emotionally anyway).

An old school mate (dont bother asking which school i went to) is part of the effort below:

Dear Soup Kitchen supporter,

Thank you for always helping. Next event is Saturday, May 9. HELP!!!

We plan to serve 400 packs of noodles with boiled eggs and pure water. We will also award sewing school scholarships (at N50,000 each) to four lucky winners. We will also give away whatever items are donated: clothes, shoes, bags, kitchen and household items, provisions, etc.

How you can help:
1. VOLUNTEER: If you are available that day please join us to help with the cooking and distribution. We like our volunteers to wear white tees and jeans, but that’s not a rigid rule.
2. GIVE: We need N200,000 for the scholarships; N120,000 to register the organization, 10 Cartons of noodles, 400 eggs, Styrofoam packs and forks and 700 bags of pure water. Every bit counts.
3. HELP US POOL RESOURCES: Tell your friend to tell his/her friend. Feel free to send this message to as many people as possible.

Buzz mide 08098665694 for more information. Talk to Dami 0703 279 8093 (Island area) and/or Bambo 0805 799 2004 (Mainland area), for drop-offs.

Thank you!

As you give,  may your own helpers meet you before you know you need it. And may your coast be enlarged beyond your wildest imagination.



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  1. Thank you for posting this, kudos to your old school mate and the team for organizing the event.its an avenue for everyone to be blessed. i’m not in lagos so i cant volunteer and donate any personal item but i’ll call the no to see what can be done. thanks again.


  2. I like. I’d be involved.


  3. I like. I’d be involved. I’ll send a broadcast too.


  4. Aww thanks for sharing on your blog. It will definitely encourage them to keep doing what they do. I admire them, cos with the wahala they have faced on previous trips i would have probably given up.

    Doing good in naija aint easy….kudos to those that are consistent in making a difference.


  5. Great!


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