Biko come what is Heartstone? Igbo people come, this was in an Igbo movie, her other kids were named Starlight and Novabel. If you think I am making this up search for a movie called “Apaye”! Clarion Chukwurah is in it.

So she named her child Heartstone, of course the guy became thuggish. He lived up to the name he was given. He had a heart of stone even towards his siblings. Heartstone Indeed!

What’s in a name? Everything if you ask me, we grow into our names. I am a firm believer of us growing into our names. As religious as Nigerians are, i havent met a Nigerian male named Jesus yet. I wonder why. There are a lot of Mohammed/ Muhammed’s though- i know the prophet is different from the son. But still.

I was reading my earlier and this is what i found….


One of the most ridiculous names i have heard is “Jerryisgentle”- yes you can do the eye roll, but it was submitted on a CV, so you know that was the realest of real names. You know how your CV has to match your certificates which has to match your legal documentation.

What is the most ridiculous name you have heard?

NESTR – (Nothing Else Significant To Report)- if you were ever wondering what it meant.



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  1. The most ridiculous name is the one you put up there – Jerryisgentle. Erm….? Who gives that kind of name? Maybe the parents had an experience with a rough child or they were rough while growing up and decided to decree gentleness into the life of their child.

    Anyway, I’ve heard of Mother, Diamond and Thank God. I met these people personally and was amused when they introduced themselves.

    Most times, the circumstances at birth is a reason for names.


    • Diamond and other precious metal/jewel names just scream stripper to me. I met a “platinum” once in Harlem NY. She planned to pay for her university degree by “dancing “. We do live up to Our names.


  2. Most ridiculous name I ever heard is Goodluck. I’m sorry I never got used to that one.


  3. LMAO at the names in apaye. What kind of names are those. And as for jerryisgentl no words at all.
    The weird ones I know are sacrifice and apostle Paul.
    My friend said she saw a boy in winners chapel who’s first name was bishop David oyedepo. I still find that one hard to believe sha.
    I wonder if the parents think of the future effect of the names they give their kids. Some of them are even bullied in school just because of their name.


  4. Finenews, bishop,God s general


  5. These.comments! Rotfl

    The most ridiculous I’ve heard is Kerosene


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