The Lagoon is Waiting

So hello everyone. Its almost the weekend, the 2nd saturday of 2015 whereby almost no Nigerian will get married. You got that right. Many people will be in their homes either choosing not to vote, or others will go out and vote. Of the voting people, some will take their chance and go out with the life jackets, rafts, and home made boats.

Whats the paragraph above about? So the Oba of Lagos has made himself god and decided that Ambode must rule Lagos. Whoever goes against the will of this self imposed god will be sentence to a life of drowning. He specifically singled out the Igbos. Does even Ambode believe that much in his own right to be governor?

I am afraid  to go out and vote at this rate. I can pass for an Igbo person. Forget the curly hair, Igbo is what most people see when they see me. Unfortunately i dont have the money to buy a life jacket as we speak, so is it worth the “rix”? Then again i might just turn into a mermaid and swim away if they try to drown me in the lagoon. And be like “dem try to drown us for lagoon, dem no know say we be mammy water”!

Seriously i want to say shame on the oba of Lagos for inciting tribalism. Dont these people get tired of hatred? Dont they get tired of separating the country? I am a least 50% is approximately 1, and i say categorically, the oba’s statement was uncalled for. Traditional leaders, community leaders and clerics should stay out of politics.

As for the candidates,  my thoughts are basic…i am not convinced by Ambode, and while i like the Jimi Agbaje jingle on the radio, PDP isnt quite it. In a fantasy Nigeria within the current parameters, i would have made Jimi Agbaje the APC candidate and maybe checked if Ambode would float if placed in the lagoon.

Please whatever your decision, safety first, then your civil duty. Please choose wisely and make sure you believe in whatever it is these candidates are selling  us. Remember some of these people have dual nationalities, so they are free to wreck Nigeria and run away. Some dont even run, they majestically walk around like peacocks.



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  1. My laughter started immediately I saw the title. The post is hilarious so is the Oba. He’s on a long thing. I’ll join you on the mermaid quest as I assume all the life jackets in Lagos are already sold out.

    After all the campaign is for change and we have done so at the federal level, why make it an issue for the state?

    Whoever wins, good luck to them. Or is it Buhari to them? 🙂


  2. Yeah, the Oba’s statement was totally uncalled for. I have officially gotten tired of reacting to faux pas as concerns political matter, utterances and actions. Not even sure I’d be voting. Yes, safety is key in these times and I pray God will see us through the weekend safely and joyfully.


    • The Oba is similar to many in his generayion. They have ridiculously prejudiced opinions, and havent learnt the gift of silence


  3. That Oba’s statement…smh I watched the thing twice cos I didn’t understand. The audacity was what stunned me. This is the 21st century for pete’s sake, no ancestor or “dead people” is ruling Lagos. I also think that his statement just gave a lot of undecided votes to Jimi. At some point, I began to wonder who he was truly campaigning for.

    Anywaiz, I’m not voting. Like you said, I’m not ready to cast my vote for Ambode cos I don’t trust him. I’ve liked Jimi since that time he ran with Fashola and Koro but right now, he’s in the wrong party. And I just have a feeling that all those prophesies of blood shed were for the gubernatorial elections. I just hope they don’t come to pass. Tomorrow is for laundry and sound sleep.

    Have a lovely day guys.


    • His own dead ancestor might be ruling his yard in Lagos. You never know oh. I dont blame you for putting safety first


  4. When I read what the oba said online,I just started laughing because he just threw his candidate/Tinubu’s puppy under the bus. What kinda leader says that to people in his community. I don’t want to believe he’s under the influence of drugs because he sure acts like one.
    I hate to talk about politics because some people tend to more than the bereaved but my opinion is that Ambode is Not the kinda man we need in lagos, I have not heard him give a meaningful speech throughout his campaign,fashola is always his spokeman maybe he thinks lagos is about modelling Sha because he’s obviously good at it. He’s just going to answer to the call of those people who put him there and that is not what we need in lagos.


    • Lmao @ Ambode being a model. To me he looks like an over fed aristocrat, while JK looks underfed. Whatever the case we can be sure both of them want to be fed through the position of governor of Lagos.

      As for the Oba, he was a former Policeman, and he is a conc. Yoruba fellow, i guess the combination of both was what manifested in the speech he gave.


  5. Act*


  6. Pynk, I officially welcome you back to the comment section of 🙂 Yipee!


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