Pain in Someone’s Eyes

Your guess is as good as mine. Today i was inspired by a conversation with an old friend.can we really look into people’s eyes and see their emotions?

I am not sure hence why i made it a topic. I know about being able to detect pain in someones voice, but i keep hearing all the bruhaha about the eyes being the window to the soul. I know a few people with sad eyes, perpetually sad eyes. My housekeeper for instance has permanently sad eyes if you ask me. No i am not abusive towards her either at least not by amy stretch of my imagination.

Some people  like me, we dont have eyes large enough to even show emotions. Unless i am crying, i think i have indifferent eyes. Its just me maybe, but i dont believe everyones eyes are a window to their soul. I have also heard racist things such as “Ethiopians have hunger in their eyes”.

What are eyes to you? Please share your thoughts.



2 Comments on Pain in Someone’s Eyes

  1. My eyes convey alot of emotions o. Most people know when I’m sad, happy or stressed when they look at my eyes and they are small also. I’m also able to read a few people by their eyes too.


  2. People say that a lot,but if someone is going to read my emotions through my eyes then its going to be a tough job. The only time I show emotion is when I’m tired/stressed out or when I need something from someone badly 🙂 apart from that I tend to keep a straight face even when the storm is crazy.


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