I want to ask a question! Do you believe in Karma? If yes, do you also believe in grace? I ask these two questions because often times we look at situations and wonder out loud for instance why the woman who has had 14 abortions was able to have 3 children after. Or why the guy who left his wife after 10 years of childlessness ends up with another woman who he successfully pregnates and she turns around and has an abortion.

Do we really get what we put out? Are our lives really a function of our human interactions and relationships? If yes why do seemingly awesome people end up hurting and the ones we suspect are demon fuelled; excelling? Is this a testament to Grace?

I ask these questions because sometimes i look at my spouse and wonder whether i got lucky, or God is rewarding me for some of the experiences the devil put me through. Have i even earned any of it? Un this case i believe in grace.

In the last few days i have been thinking a lot about grace. Because when you look at certain scenarios,  no matter how much playing in the sand with the devil some have participated in, it becomes apparent there is a greater force channeling the events in this life.

I notice that whenever people hurt me and i try to justify not exacting payback i use karma to console myself. Now whether karma really happens or not is what i am wondering as good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people.

Kindly share your thoughts on both Karma and grace.

I dont know what to give away next. My brain has hit a roadblock for now.



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  1. I want to believe there’s karma. It simply is God taking vengeance for you as He promised. I also believe in grace. Some people have things so easy despite all the crap they’ve done. God chooses who to bless and when but as a Christian, I believe I’m always surrounded by grace no matter the situation.


  2. I believe in both,but mostly I tend to sail with Grace more. When the grace of God abounds in your life you tend to over look so many things people do to hurt you. Karma on the other hand is something I enjoy watching when people think they are smart.


  3. There is Karma but Grace supersedes; I believe more in grace. Grace has seen me this far.

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  4. I beleive in Grace. Everyone deserves grace – and if we deserve it who are we to wish Karma on someone else. None of us gets what we deserve. We are typically forgiven by the universe and God even when he puts us through the ringer still eventually at some point shows up for us. I listed to a sermon about Karma vs Grace a few years ago when I was in a really bad place in my relationship and it put things in perspective for me. Here are my quotes from that sermon 5 years ago “Grace doesn’t excuse my mistakes.Karma vs grace! There is a force stronger than karma, and it’s grace. Karma based living is a business model, based on performance. Grace is based on relationship first with Jesus and thru him we get a life of opportunity. Grace brings peace.”


  5. There is grace and there is karma. Even the bible acknowledges both. ‘he that kills by the sword must die by it’ – Karma. ‘My grace is sufficient for you’ – Grace. I believe in both.


  6. i believe in grace, my life is an example of God’s grace. i use to believe in Karma but i don’t know again. this days we see a lot of people stealing from the poor and it looks like nothing bad is happening to them but then i don’t live with them so i don’t know the real situation of things. i’m not so sure about karma for everybody.


  7. The bible makes a good case for your dilemma.

    Do not be deceived God is not mocked for whatever a man sows, so shall he reap.

    Grace essentially is the core of the new testament and Jesus’s redemptive work for humans.

    Thus I believe in the existence of both.

    The bible verse about justice subtly informs us that vengeance for wrongdoing is mandatory (either through the wrongdoer’s pennace or Jesus’s blood). It also admonishes us not to be enticed with engaging in wrongdoing. The devil tries to entice us with wrongdoing creating an illusion that we can eat our cake and still have it. Well I have one response for that: ‘Do not be deceived’.

    The truth is that we cannot understand the complexities of meting out justice to a person’s deliberate wrongdoing. So yes, one can go ahead consistently aborting a child even when provisions are exist for the alternative and still go on to be fruitful in marriage, it doesn’t mean that such person won’t be held accountable for his/her past sins. God judges the totality of a person thus sins in one area of a person’s life might be paid in another area of that person’s life. The Old testament buttresses this claim. We sometimes think that God’s justice system works like Man’s justice system (court of law, jail, police etc) but that’d be an erroneous belief.

    However, we live in a dispensation of grace and truly God’s purpose for man can never be fulfilled by punishing everyone for his/her sin. This would only make man reverence God out of fear and not love as He’d desire. This doesn’t mean one should go on sinning.

    I’d conclude with this quote below:

    Justice is getting what we deserve
    Mercy is being spared what we deserve
    Grace is getting what we do not deserve


    • I’m sorry my comment is all over the place. I just wanted to throw in an opinion and didn’t have much time to make it a cohesive one.


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