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I have abandoned reading for a while,  matter off fact i think i even allowed my kindle credit to expire. I need to check on that. Something about bookstores really appeal to me. When i used to live in “the abroad”, in NY i used to spend a lot of time at Barnes and Noble on 18th street, Dubai – kinokuniya, Iraq – Amazon, Lagos -palms lekki bookstore. You get my drift.

I love books, but lately it just looks like life took over and i have been lacking in this area. My fave books to read are generally about women in underdeveloped economies – i know a lot more about women in the Arab world than i would readily admit, human trafficking, drug trafficking, human biographies, romance, etotica (please not fifty shades of grey- thats bdsm), chic lit etc. I however do not read science fiction (i just dont like it). I will pretty much  read anything if you catch my drift.

My current reading list:
Bible – i have about 5 different plans running.

Super Freakonomics – i read this book at least once every six months. Its off cuff and helps me think outside the box. Its by Levitt & Dubner.

Border Crossings – Michael Weems

Why men love bitches – Sherry Argov. I read this at least once a year. Ignore the title, its pretty much pointers on how to respect yourself as a woman and ensure you stand for that which you believe in.

Love finds you in Amana, Iowa – Dobson Melanie

Stolen woman – Rae Kimberly

God in A brothel – walker Daniel

As you can see i have an all over the place current reading situation. I guess i have the kindle app to thank for that. I rarely get Nigerian books on kindle, i am not sure why though. I used to frequent literary events in the past and buy actual books, but in recent times, havent done much of that.

What are you currently reading? Any recommendations for me on Nigerian Literature?

Below was our Easter Sunday  spread,  i simply put all the food in the fridge in the microwave. The frijon is from my mother in law, i learnt about frijon like 2 years ago, not really my cup of tea. So we had grilled honey barbeque chicken wings, air fried sweet potato, yam and plantains, with escovitch fish. Trying to get rid of all the food in my fridge by midweek- because the fridge is too full.




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  1. Sweet looking spread. Used to be an avid reader but lately, I hv gotten so lazy. Hvnt read a book or bought a book in awhile sef #coversfaceinshame#


  2. I’ve kind of lost my love for reading. It goes on and off.

    I offered to share in this delicious looking meal but…….. 🙁 see what I missed..

    I’m not reading any book now. I can’t recommend too. Marriage and children are to blame. I simply can’t find the time to read anything other than my bible, devotional and blogs. Plus, my messages.


  3. Just last week I was telling a friend how much I miss reading, he knows I love to read. Its time to retrace my step back to it….. This spread is going to make me crash my diet, no temptation please.


  4. Lovely meal by the way. On a lighter note, it is high time technology found a way to facilitate sharing meals via the internet seeing as there is already 3D printing, hologram for virtual meetings and other notable inventions.

    For Nigerian books, Ibukun Awosika’s ‘the girl entrepreneur’ and Prof. Pat Utomi’s ‘the art of leading’ are my best advice.

    Books I’m reading include:
    My Vision by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
    Executive Intelligence by Justin Menkes
    A lot of books by The Economist etc.

    Would check out Super Freakonomics, God in A brothel and Border crossings.

    The Bible is always a pleasurable read for me. I am fascinated by the amount of truth contained in so small a book. No wonder it is the most read/popular book in the world as it’s relevance knows no space and time boundaries.


  5. I haven’t read any new book apart from the bible this year, i need to figure out a way to do more reading.

    for Nigerian fiction, i recommend Nine Lives by El Nukoya think i saw it on jumia or konga recently.

    I’m curious about God in a brothel, the title is catchy.


  6. Looking yummy. Lost my passion for reading but i am trying to get my groove back.


  7. // April 7, 2015 at 23:51 // Reply

    Isn’t it funny how I opened LIB just a few hours ago and said “YOU are what killed my reading culture!” LOL. I remember vividly how I’d ferociously gobble up the words from a novel and savour each one, until some person introduced me to online magazines; blogs; LIB specifically. There ended my love for reading. For a while I was able to balance it out, divide my love and attention evenly between both, but in a short time LIB won, novels did not come with LIB’s (then) witty, hilarious and knowledgeable commenters.

    I just finished reading Americanah by Chimamanda and I want to start all over again, that is one interesting book. Presently I’m reading Power Prayers to Start Your Day. For someone who’s sometimes too lazy to pray and study the word, this book delivers everything I need; God’s words and prayers that seem to have been written just for me. I’m starting James Patterson’s Cross Country tomorrow, I read the first few chapters some 5 years ago in Law school and instantly got hooked, tomorrow I start again. It’s mainly set in Nigeria and promises to be a very interesting read.


  8. Haven’t read a good book in a long while, marriage and a very active baby seem to be the primary cause.
    For Nigerian fiction;
    Tiny sunbirds faraway
    Half of a yellow sun
    The secret lives of Baba Segi’s wives


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